Operating Instructions Character Descriptions

Anne Lamott
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Biological Father - This person whom Lamott does not name, takes no role in Sam's life.

Brian - This person volunteers to be Sam's Big Brother.

Dudu - This person is Sam's surrogate grandmother.

Anne Lamott - This person is a writer who becomes pregnant when she is 35.

Sam Lamott - This person brings great joy to Lamott's family and friends.

Steve Lamott - This person is present at Sam's birth and remains an active presence in Sam's life.

John Manning - This person convinces Anne to jot down a few notes and observations each day of Sam's first year.

Megan - Lamott often considers this person to be a lifesaver because her help allows Lamott to have a few much-needed hours to herself.

Mom - This person babysits every Thursday afternoon so Lamott can have some free time.

Pammy Murray - This person is diagnosed...

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