Operating Instructions Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Anne Lamott
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Part 1

• Operating Instructions is a series of diary entries made by the author about the first year of her son, Sam's, life.

• Anne is about to become a single parent.

• Anne does not fear the typical things that most pregnant women do.

• Anne's biggest fear for her child is enduring the seventh and eighth grades.

Part 2

• In the hours before Sam's delivery, Anne is accompanied by her long-time friend, Pammy.

• Anne's brother, Steve, and Pammy serve as delivery coaches.

• Anne describes her son as "the most beautiful think I had ever seen."

• Anne wishes she had a husband to share the experience with.

• During Sam's first days at home, Anne lives in fear that Sam will be hurt or get sick.

• Anne takes Sam to church and the people are thrilled to meet Sam.

• Anne has a party to commemorate Sam's three-week birthday.

• Sam is colicky much of...

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