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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is in better view towards the end of Part 3?
(a) The sun.
(b) The waves.
(c) Land.
(d) The lighthouse.

2. What would make the men see their situation as glorious?
(a) Escaping from it.
(b) Viewing it from a vantage point.
(c) They do see it as glorious.
(d) Absolutely nothing.

3. What is the only thing the men can see at the book's beginning?
(a) The shark circling the boat.
(b) The slate color of the water.
(c) The clouds in the sky.
(d) The lighthouse at Mosquito Inlet.

4. How do the men view the intruders?
(a) As disgusting and annoying.
(b) As friends.
(c) As potential food.
(d) As an ominous omen.

5. What does each man finally catch a glimpse of after constructing the sail?
(a) The sun.
(b) The lighthouse.
(c) Land.
(d) The waves.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the correspondent take turns doing with the oiler in Part 2?

2. What determines the gravity of a situation?

3. Who calms the dispute towards the end of Part 1?

4. Where is the lighthouse?

5. What is the boat comparable to in size?

Short Essay Questions

1. Since they can see no one onshore in Part 7, what does the captain decide, and why?

2. How does the correspondent show great character in Part 5?

3. What does the correspondent think as he tries to swim to the captain after escaping the current?

4. What does the correspondent think about nature in Part 7?

5. What happens when night comes at the end of Part 4?

6. What are the four men doing in Part 5?

7. What happens after the sail is constructed, and how do the four men feel about it?

8. What does the captain finally spot near the end of Part 2?

9. Describe the scene at the beginning of Part 1.

10. What role do the seagulls play in Part 2?

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