Open City Character Descriptions

Teju Cole
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This person is a psychiatrist in New York’s Columbia Presbyterian hospital. Originally from Nigeria, this person ruminates extensively on his society.


This person is the main character’s ex-lover, and has recently moved to California.

Doctor Annette Maillotte

This person is a retired surgeon who splits time between New York and Brussels.


This person is the main character’s maternal grandmother, and may or may not still live in Brussels.


This person is a student in Brussels who works at an internet café, and thinks a lot about the question of cultural differences and assimilation.

Dr. Junichiro Saito

This person is a retired English professor who was once interned with other Japanese citizens, during World War II.

John Musson

This person is a hedge fund manager who is going out with a friend of the narrator’s, and lives in an apartment with...

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