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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dean tell Sal after their first real argument?
(a) That he will not travel with Sal to New York.
(b) That he is sorry.
(c) That he has been crying.
(d) That he does not want to be Sal's friend.

2. Why does the travel bureau car's owner need his car driven to Chicago?
(a) He carpooled with a friend on the return trip.
(b) He lost his driver's license.
(c) His family decided to take the train after traveling by car.
(d) He bought a new car out west and drove it back to Chicago.

3. What plans do Sal and Stan make during Sal's last trip to Denver?
(a) To go bar hopping and to pick up women.
(b) To write a book together.
(c) To travel to San Francisco.
(d) To travel to Mexico.

4. What is Dean's reaction to his passengers being terrified of his driving on his trip from Denver to Chicago?
(a) He is agitated.
(b) He feels guilty.
(c) He mocks them.
(d) He does not notice.

5. What does Sal do to put a rift in his friendship with Dean and Camille?
(a) He hurls insults at them.
(b) He takes some of their money.
(c) He reports Dean to the police.
(d) He does not share any of the sandwiches he made for his trip.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Stan shortly after he, Sal, and Dean depart from Denver?

2. What are Sal and Dean's travel companions' reactions to dropping Sal and Dean off at their stop?

3. What are Sal and Dean's travel companions' reactions when it is Dean's turn to take the wheel of the vehicle?

4. What is one of the things Sal and Dean discuss before Dean departs West to see Camille and his children?

5. What does Sal do when he returns to Denver in the spring of 1949?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Dean returns to see Sal at the hotel?

2. What happens to Sal in Mexico City?

3. Who does Dean meet at a party in New York?

4. Who are the other passengers in the travel bureau car that belongs to a wealthy man in Chicago?

5. How do Sal, Dean, and Marylou get money so they can make it from Arizona to California?

6. What arrives in San Francisco that allows Sal to return to New York?

7. What does Dean do when he, Sal, and Marylou arrive in San Francisco?

8. How does a wealthy woman assist Sal in Denver?

9. What does Sal do to put a damper on the friendship with Dean and Camille?

10. What is happening in Dean and Camille's lives when Sal visits them in San Francisco in the spring of 1949?

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