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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are Sal and Dean's passengers on their trip to Chicago in the travel bureau car?
(a) Two hitchhikers.
(b) Two farmers.
(c) Two Jesuit students.
(d) Two waitresses they pick up at a diner.

2. Where does Dean learn his father is?
(a) On skid row in Detroit..
(b) On Wall Street in New York.
(c) In prison in Santa Fe.
(d) In prison in Seattle.

3. What happens when Camille finds out about Inez?
(a) They become friends.
(b) Camille is furious and wants a divorce from Dean.
(c) She is indifferent.
(d) She threatens suicide.

4. What does Old Bull think is a sign from Sal's deceased father?
(a) When they see a billboard that says, "Post cards from Paradise."
(b) When Old Pops wins the race at the horsetrack.
(c) When they hear a rapping noise in Old Bull's dining room.
(d) When they hear a stranger yell Sal's father's name on the street.

5. What does Dean do when he, Sal, and Marylou arrive in San Francisco?
(a) He goes out to hear a jazz musician.
(b) He has a fight with Sal.
(c) He abandons them without any money to see Camille.
(d) He does not want to stay in San Francisco and travels to Denver.

6. Where does Sal decide to travel after his second trip to San Francisco?
(a) New York.
(b) Chicago.
(c) Denver.
(d) Bakersfield.

7. What is the best time of day for Old Bull?
(a) The mornings.
(b) The evenings.
(c) The afternoons.
(d) Late nights.

8. What is Sal and Dean's dream about while driving in a car?
(a) That they take a giant scythe and chop down trees and mountains.
(b) That the car is a time machine.
(c) That they can escape their problems if they drive fast enough.
(d) That they drive up a ramp and become airborne.

9. What does Sal do in Part 3, when the other passengers criticize Dean?
(a) He gets angry at them.
(b) He ignores them.
(c) He defends Dean.
(d) He agrees with them and has a talk with Dean.

10. What news does Sam Brady deliver to Dean?
(a) That Miles Davis will be performing in Denver.
(b) That he used to date Camille.
(c) That Dean can live with him.
(d) That no one in his family cares to have any interaction with Dean or his father.

11. In Part 3, who takes the wheel of the vehicle that Dean and Sal are riding in while in Sacramento?
(a) Sal .
(b) The homosexual man.
(c) Dean.
(d) One of the couple.

12. What is one of the things Sal and Dean discuss before Dean departs West to see Camille and his children?
(a) That Sal could marry Camille after she and Dean get a divorce.
(b) That Dean and his family and Sal and his future family could live on the same street.
(c) That Sal, Dean, and Dean's father could take a trip together.
(d) That maybe Sal could rent a room at Dean and Camille's house.

13. What is Dean's reaction to his passengers being terrified of his driving on his trip from Denver to Chicago?
(a) He feels guilty.
(b) He is agitated.
(c) He does not notice.
(d) He mocks them.

14. What news does Dean share with Stan and Sal while in Mexico?
(a) Dean wants to extend their trip to Guatemala.
(b) Camille is going to have another child.
(c) Dean has a divorce from Camille.
(d) Dean's father is being released from prison.

15. What plans do Sal and Stan make during Sal's last trip to Denver?
(a) To travel to San Francisco.
(b) To write a book together.
(c) To go bar hopping and to pick up women.
(d) To travel to Mexico.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Dean unable to work in San Francisco?

2. Why do Sal and Dean's travel companions seem leery of Dean on their 1949 trip to Denver?

3. Where do Sal and Dean clean up in Chicago?

4. What personal news does Dean share with Sal and Stan in Part 4?

5. Who does Dean meet at a party in New York?

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