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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Sal and Dean's dream about while driving in a car?
(a) That the car is a time machine.
(b) That they can escape their problems if they drive fast enough.
(c) That they take a giant scythe and chop down trees and mountains.
(d) That they drive up a ramp and become airborne.

2. What is Sal and Dean's plan before they take their second trip in 1949?
(a) They will return to New York before departing.
(b) They will travel the United States more extensively.
(c) They will earn their college degrees.
(d) They will find jobs in San Francisco to earn money for the trip.

3. What happens to Sal in Mexico City?
(a) He meets a woman and falls in love.
(b) He gets in a car accident.
(c) He gets arrested.
(d) He gets dysentery.

4. What is Dean's reaction to his passengers being terrified of his driving on his trip from Denver to Chicago?
(a) He feels guilty.
(b) He does not notice.
(c) He is agitated.
(d) He mocks them.

5. What happens to Stan shortly after he, Sal, and Dean depart from Denver?
(a) He gets car sick.
(b) He gets a sunburn
(c) He changes his mind and wants to return to Denver.
(d) He gets an insect bite.

6. Where does Dean learn his father is?
(a) On skid row in Detroit..
(b) In prison in Seattle.
(c) In prison in Santa Fe.
(d) On Wall Street in New York.

7. What does Sal feel when he passes the fields near Bakersfield in Part 2?
(a) He feels pangs of guilt.
(b) He feels nostalgic.
(c) He feels hungry.
(d) He feels confusion.

8. Where does Dean take Sal to stay in San Francisco?
(a) At the hotel where Roland Major is staying.
(b) At Remi Boncoeur's house.
(c) At Camille's house.
(d) At Marylou's new apartment.

9. What does Dean tell Sal after their first real argument?
(a) That he does not want to be Sal's friend.
(b) That he will not travel with Sal to New York.
(c) That he is sorry.
(d) That he has been crying.

10. Who is Marylou's new boyfriend in San Francisco?
(a) A man who has money.
(b) A man who is religious.
(c) A man with a bad temper.
(d) A man who is handsome.

11. What does Sal's arrival at Dean and Camille's house signify?
(a) That Dean will be more nostalgic.
(b) That Dean will become even crazier.
(c) That Dean will be more dutiful.
(d) That Dean will be less conscientious.

12. How do Dean and Sal get to Denver in Part 3?
(a) They take an airplane.
(b) They hitchhike.
(c) By bus.
(d) In a travel bureau car.

13. Why do Sal and Dean's travel companions seem leery of Dean on their 1949 trip to Denver?
(a) Because he insists on sticking his head out of the window.
(b) Because he is intoxicated.
(c) Because of his erratic behavior.
(d) Because he steals gasoline for the car.

14. In Part 3, who takes the wheel of the vehicle that Dean and Sal are riding in while in Sacramento?
(a) Sal .
(b) Dean.
(c) The homosexual man.
(d) One of the couple.

15. How does Sal justify Dean's behavior to Old Bull Lee?
(a) That Dean is only that way when drunk or on drugs.
(b) That Dean has a zest for life and is living fully.
(c) That Old Bull Lee is too snobby.
(d) That Dean had a rough childhood.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Sal's and Marylou's plan before they arrive in San Francisco?

2. What do Sal and Dean discuss while traveling from Sacramento to Denver?

3. Who do Sal, Dean, and Stan meet in a town called Gregoria?

4. How does Hal Hingham assist Sal and the others in Tucson?

5. What does Sal do in Part 3, when the other passengers criticize Dean?

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