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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Sal justify Dean's behavior to Old Bull Lee?
(a) That Dean is only that way when drunk or on drugs.
(b) That Old Bull Lee is too snobby.
(c) That Dean had a rough childhood.
(d) That Dean has a zest for life and is living fully.

2. Who do Sal and Dean travel with on their 1949 trip to Denver?
(a) A Mexican and a hobo.
(b) A homosexual man and a hitchhiker.
(c) A homosexual man and a couple.
(d) An Okie and a couple.

3. What do Sal and Dean do while bar-hopping in Denver?
(a) They assault a police officer.
(b) They pick up women.
(c) They steal cars.
(d) They perform on stage.

4. Where do Sal and Dean decide to travel in 1949?
(a) New Orleans.
(b) France.
(c) Denver.
(d) Italy.

5. Who rescues Sal from the hotel in San Francisco?
(a) Remi Boncoeur.
(b) Marylou.
(c) Dean Moriarty.
(d) Roland Major.

6. What is Sal's and Marylou's plan before they arrive in San Francisco?
(a) That they will visit Marylou's brother in Alcatraz.
(b) That Marylou would be Sal's girl.
(c) That they will never see each other again.
(d) That they will abandon Dean.

7. What happens to Sal in Mexico City?
(a) He gets arrested.
(b) He meets a woman and falls in love.
(c) He gets dysentery.
(d) He gets in a car accident.

8. Why do Sal and Dean's travel companions seem leery of Dean on their 1949 trip to Denver?
(a) Because he is intoxicated.
(b) Because he steals gasoline for the car.
(c) Because of his erratic behavior.
(d) Because he insists on sticking his head out of the window.

9. What does Old Bull think is a sign from Sal's deceased father?
(a) When Old Pops wins the race at the horsetrack.
(b) When they hear a rapping noise in Old Bull's dining room.
(c) When they see a billboard that says, "Post cards from Paradise."
(d) When they hear a stranger yell Sal's father's name on the street.

10. Who is Sam Brady?
(a) Sal's friend.
(b) A bar owner.
(c) A hitchhiker.
(d) Dean's cousin.

11. What does Dean do while Camille is at work?
(a) He takes college courses to become a writer.
(b) He tends to their child.
(c) He goes out with friends.
(d) He drinks.

12. Who is Dean referring to when he tells Sal that "God has arrived"?
(a) The poet, William Carlos Williams.
(b) The actor, James Dean.
(c) A musician, George Shearing.
(d) An author, Edmund McLean.

13. What are Sal and Dean's travel companions' reactions when it is Dean's turn to take the wheel of the vehicle?
(a) They are bored.
(b) They are annoyed.
(c) They are terrified.
(d) They are enthusiastic.

14. Who is Marylou's new boyfriend in San Francisco?
(a) A man who is religious.
(b) A man who has money.
(c) A man with a bad temper.
(d) A man who is handsome.

15. What is the first place Sal visits on his return trip to San Francisco in the spring of 1949?
(a) The army barracks.
(b) The Golden Gate Bridge.
(c) Remi Boncoeur's home.
(d) Dean and Camille's home.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Marylou do when she sees Sal on the streets of San Francisco?

2. What does Sal feel when he passes the fields near Bakersfield in Part 2?

3. Where does Sal decide to travel after his second trip to San Francisco?

4. How does Sal feel after Dean confides in Sal about his reaction to their fight?

5. What happens to Stan shortly after he, Sal, and Dean depart from Denver?

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