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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Sal able to travel from Denver to San Francisco in the spring of 1949?
(a) A rich woman gives him one hundred dollars.
(b) From the money he earns as a laborer.
(c) From winnings at the horse racetrack.
(d) He finds some money on the street.

2. What is the name of the horse that Sal bets on?
(a) Big Brown.
(b) Holy Goof.
(c) Daddy-O.
(d) Old Pops.

3. Who do Sal, Dean, and Marylou meet in Texas?
(a) A poet named Walt.
(b) A hitchhiker named Alfred.
(c) A businessman named Donald.
(d) A prostitute named Mary Jane.

4. How does Dean greet Sal when he arrives at his door step in 1949?
(a) He answers the door naked.
(b) He gives Sal a big hug.
(c) He slams the door in Sal's face.
(d) He is inebriated.

5. What are Sal and Dean's travel companions' reactions when it is Dean's turn to take the wheel of the vehicle?
(a) They are terrified.
(b) They are bored.
(c) They are annoyed.
(d) They are enthusiastic.

6. What happens in a restaurant in Denver when Sal and Dean are en route to New York?
(a) They stiff the server with the bill.
(b) They make plans to travel to Canada.
(c) Sal and Dean have their first outright argument.
(d) They pick up women.

7. What does Sal do in Part 3, when the other passengers criticize Dean?
(a) He agrees with them and has a talk with Dean.
(b) He defends Dean.
(c) He ignores them.
(d) He gets angry at them.

8. Who do Sal and Dean travel with on their 1949 trip to Denver?
(a) A homosexual man and a couple.
(b) An Okie and a couple.
(c) A Mexican and a hobo.
(d) A homosexual man and a hitchhiker.

9. What does Sal consider a sign that he and Dean need to leave Denver?
(a) When they see a white horse on the side of the road.
(b) When their hotel room catches on fire.
(c) When they see a lunar eclipse.
(d) When Sam Brady delivers the news that the family wants no interaction with Dean or his father.

10. Where does Old Bull take Sal in New Orleans?
(a) To an abandoned warehouse.
(b) To Bourbon Street.
(c) To a bayou.
(d) To the racetrack.

11. How does Sal feel after Dean confides in Sal about his reaction to their fight?
(a) He feels guilt-ridden.
(b) He feels that Dean is a sissy.
(c) He feels manipulated.
(d) He feels relieved.

12. Who is Sam Brady?
(a) A hitchhiker.
(b) Sal's friend.
(c) Dean's cousin.
(d) A bar owner.

13. In Part 3, what do Sal and Dean's travel companions to Denver want to do in Sacramento?
(a) Stop for lunch.
(b) Stay overnight.
(c) Leave Sal and Dean.
(d) Go sightseeing.

14. Where do Sal and Marylou stay in San Francisco?
(a) With Remi Boncouer.
(b) At a hotel.
(c) With one of Marylou's friends.
(d) At a bus station.

15. What does Dean tell Sal after their first real argument?
(a) That he has been crying.
(b) That he is sorry.
(c) That he does not want to be Sal's friend.
(d) That he will not travel with Sal to New York.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Stan shortly after he, Sal, and Dean depart from Denver?

2. What does Dean do when he, Sal, and Marylou arrive in San Francisco?

3. Who does the travel bureau car that Sal and Dean drive from Denver to Chicago belong to?

4. Where do Sal and Dean's travel companions drop off Sal and Dean on their trip East in Part 3?

5. What does Sal pack for his departure from San Francisco?

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