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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Old Bull Lee warn Sal about?
(a) That Sal needs to finish his education.
(b) That Dean is getting crazier and to be careful.
(c) To watch out for the police in New Orleans.
(d) That they need to drive more carefully on their road trips.

2. After Sal leaves Terry, he rides a bus from Los Angeles to which city?
(a) Pittsburgh.
(b) Columbus.
(c) Harrisburg.
(d) New York City.

3. What is the vow that Sal and Terry make?
(a) That Terry will come to New York soon.
(b) That Terry will travel with Sal and his friends.
(c) That they will never see each other again.
(d) That Sal will earn money and return to Sabinal.

4. Where does Sal travel after his first visit to San Francisco?
(a) Bakersfield.
(b) Chicago.
(c) Tucson.
(d) Denver.

5. Who is the mutual friend with Sal Paradise and Mississippi Gene?
(a) Remi Boncoeur.
(b) Dean Moriarty.
(c) Big Slim Hazard.
(d) Montana Slim.

6. What job does Sal find in Bakersfield?
(a) Picking cotton.
(b) Working at a carnival.
(c) Security guard at an army barracks.
(d) Picking fruit.

7. Who did Dean, Marylou, and Ed Dunkel leave in Tucson and why?
(a) Galatea; she was complaining too much.
(b) Chad King; the rift between the friends was renewed.
(c) Camille; she and Dean had a fight.
(d) Galatea; she was too sick to travel.

8. Who do Sal and Terry connect with in Sabinal?
(a) Roland Major.
(b) Terry's family and little son.
(c) Terry's abusive husband.
(d) Dean and Marylou.

9. Where do Sal and Dean decide to visit before returning to San Francisco?
(a) New Orleans.
(b) Houston.
(c) Denver.
(d) Chicago.

10. Who sends letters to Sal and tells him about Dean Moriarty?
(a) Roland Major.
(b) Old Bull Lee.
(c) Chad King.
(d) Carlo Marx.

11. What do Sal and his friends do in Central City?
(a) They go skiing.
(b) They throw a party at an abandoned mine shack.
(c) They go to a bar to listen to jazz.
(d) They have an all-night discussion session.

12. Who thinks Sal should not travel out West?
(a) Dean Moriarty.
(b) Marylou.
(c) Sal's Aunt.
(d) Carlo Marx.

13. Where does Dean want to travel before his divorce with Marylou?
(a) New Orleans.
(b) Texas.
(c) San Francisco.
(d) Mexico.

14. What does Sal learn when he meets up with Chad King in Denver?
(a) That Dean and Carlo are no longer friends.
(b) That Dean Moriarty and Carlo Marx had already left for San Francisco.
(c) That Chad King, Carlo Marx and Dean Moriarty did not want to be friends with Sal.
(d) That he and Carlo Marx and Dean Moriarty are no longer friends,

15. What does Sal think after his date with Rita Bettencourt?
(a) There is no hope of a relationship developing.
(b) He has a good time and asks her for a second date.
(c) He is ambivalent and thinks maybe a second date would help him make up his mind.
(d) He falls in love with her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Sal and Dean take a quick trip from Virginia to New Jersey?

2. What is Sal's relationship with the Mexican woman he met on the bus?

3. Who are the two women in Dean's life in Denver?

4. Where are the two boys from Minnesota headed in their flat bed truck?

5. What happens in Washington D.C. on the return trip from Virginia?

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