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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapters 10 and 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Sal's and Marylou's plan before they arrive in San Francisco?
(a) That they will visit Marylou's brother in Alcatraz.
(b) That they will abandon Dean.
(c) That Marylou would be Sal's girl.
(d) That they will never see each other again.

2. What is the vow that Sal and Terry make?
(a) That Terry will travel with Sal and his friends.
(b) That they will never see each other again.
(c) That Terry will come to New York soon.
(d) That Sal will earn money and return to Sabinal.

3. Who is Hyman Solomon?
(a) One of Bull Lee's friends.
(b) One of Dean's friends.
(c) A hobo.
(d) A horse that Bull Lee makes a bet on.

4. Why do Sal and Terry leave Los Angeles?
(a) They think it is too glitzy.
(b) They cannot find jobs.
(c) They cannot find a place to stay.
(d) Sal does not have any friends living there.

5. Who is "The Ghost?"
(a) Slang for a police officer.
(b) An old hobo.
(c) One of Sal's friends.
(d) A drug-induced hallucination.

Short Answer Questions

1. What New York hitchhiker does Sal meet in Des Moines?

2. Who does Sal encounter after his date with Rita Bettencourt?

3. Who is Marylou's new boyfriend in San Francisco?

4. What does Marylou do when she sees Sal on the streets of San Francisco?

5. Why does Sal end his ride with the brothers from Minnesota before their final destination?

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