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Benzedrine - A popular drug because of its hallucinogenic properties.

Cold Water Flat - A type of low income housing like a basement apartment.

GI Checks - Veteran benefits that were intended for eduction.

Mann Act - A law that aimed at restricting interstate adultery and prostitution that was later deemed unconstitutional.

Mississippi River - Splitting the United States into halves, it is a symbol for the 'journey' and life itself in American mythology and in On the Road.

New Orleans - A city known as "The Birthplace of the Blues," it was also a sacred place of the Beat Generation.

New York City - This is Salvatore Paradise's home that he is always leaving, yet always returning to.

Okie - A name for migrant workers displaced by the depression and drought from the south Midwest.

San Francisco - One of the Beat Generation's holy cities because...

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