On the Road Character Descriptions

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Remi Boncoeur

The narrator plans to meet this character in San Francisco and work on a luxury liner together.

Ed Dunkel

This character marries a woman so she will foot the bill for one of their trips.

Galatea Dunkel

This character is stranded by 'friends' in Tucson and is later reunited with those friends in New Orleans.


This character is a single parent and coal truck driver in Denver.

Chad King

This character is the first friend the Narrator calls on upon reaching Denver for the first time.


This character invites the Narrator up to her room for hot chocolate and they fall in love.

Jane Lee

Benzedrine and polio have affected this character's health, leading to regular hallucinations.

Old Bull Lee

This character is the strange, well-educated, drug-addicted mentor to several characters in On the Road.

Lee Ann

This character accompanies the Narrator and a...

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