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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Billy Gaskell?
(a) A boy who calls Ned a mean name.
(b) Ned's second cousin.
(c) Janet's son.
(d) Ned's best friend.

2. What still worries Ned after he returns home from Mr. Scully's house?
(a) Doris not seeing her father more often.
(b) His mother's new treatment.
(c) The one-eyed cat.
(d) His father's bad back.

3. What does Ned figure his father will begin doing?
(a) Taking over Sunday services for another preacher who just died.
(b) Driving his mother to the doctor in the city.
(c) Picking up Mr. Scully's groceries.
(d) Teaching Ned how to drive the tractor.

4. What does Ned notice leading up to the shed?
(a) Mountain lion prints.
(b) Mr. Scully's footprints in the mud.
(c) Mr. Scully's footprints in the snow.
(d) Bear prints.

5. What happens when Ned and his papa return home after a visit to Mr. Scully?
(a) Mr. Scully's sister has moved into Mr. Scully's house.
(b) Mama is very ill.
(c) Doris has moved into Mr. Scully's house.
(d) The one-eyed cat is dead on their driveway.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is lying on an old icebox in Mr. Scully's shed?

2. What does Mrs. Kimball say about Mr. Scully?

3. What does Ned think about Mr. Scully when he goes to see him one day?

4. How does Ned help Janet?

5. What What does Mr. Scully instruct Ned to throw out?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Ned's father notice as Ned and he are trimming the Christmas tree and what happens?

2. What will Mr. Willis start doing for Mr. Scully and why?

3. Where does Ned go one moonlit night and who follows him?

4. What changes does Ned find at Mr. Scully's home one day?

5. Where is Mr. Scully taken and what is probably wrong with him?

6. After he recovers from his illness, where does Ned often go and what does he do there?

7. What does Mama tell Ned about something she did when Ned was three?

8. What is Mama's good news and how does Ned respond?

9. What does Ned learn from Mama about Mrs. Scallop and Mr. Scully?

10. What changes take place for the Kimball family?

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