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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mrs. Scallop sometimes lapse into?
(a) Periods of joking with Ned.
(b) Periods of bossiness.
(c) Periods of giddy laughter.
(d) Periods of sullen silence.

2. What does Ned's father not understand about Mr. Kimball?
(a) How he affords to feed such a large family.
(b) Why is treats his wife so poorly.
(c) Why he does not discipline his children.
(d) Why he travels out of town so much.

3. Of what does Ned feel a little jealous?
(a) His mother's close relationship with Hilary.
(b) His father's close relationship with Hilary.
(c) His mother's close relationship with the neighbor's little girl.
(d) His mother's close relationship with his older sister.

4. How old is Ned when his mother becomes ill?
(a) 2.
(b) 8.
(c) 5.
(d) 10.

5. Why does Ned fluster Evelyn?
(a) He presses her for information about the one-eyed cat.
(b) He looks directly at her for a minute.
(c) He asks if she wanted to be kissing the boy she was talking about.
(d) He asks her to the movies.

6. Why does Ned not mind listening to Mr. Scully ramble?
(a) He knows a lot about exotic countries.
(b) Mr. Scully is likeable.
(c) He does not know he is rambling.
(d) He gives Ned money.

7. Why does Ned feel sad for Mr. Scully?
(a) Because he can't breathe well.
(b) Because he sometimes can't remember where he is.
(c) Because he and his daughter are not close.
(d) Because he sometimes calls Ned by his dead son's name.

8. What does Ned notice about the things Doris sent for the last three months?
(a) They all have the same picture on them.
(b) They are stale.
(c) They are addressed in a very shaky handwriting.
(d) The pictures in the letters do not include Doris herself.

9. What does Ned imagine as he is walking back to the house at night?
(a) Someone watching him from the woods.
(b) That he has saved the family from marauders.
(c) Someone watching him from the attic.
(d) That he has bested a brigand in a sword duel.

10. Who is Mrs. Scallop?
(a) Ned's current teacher.
(b) The next-door neighbor to the Wallis family.
(c) The present housekeeper for the Wallis family.
(d) The first housekeeper for the Wallis family.

11. How does Ned perceive his family life before his mother is ill?
(a) As solemn.
(b) As calm.
(c) As boring.
(d) As happy.

12. In what country does Hilary buy a butterfly enclosed in glass?
(a) Mexico.
(b) Japan.
(c) Italy.
(d) Canada.

13. Where do Ned and his father eat supper on the Sunday before Ned's birthday?
(a) The Thortons.
(b) At home for once.
(c) The Brewsters.
(d) At a diner.

14. What did Ned feel on the day of the visit with his father years ago that he felt when he went out in the night?
(a) That he was never going to understand his father.
(b) That he was older than his father realized.
(c) That he was being watched.
(d) That life was far beyond his comprehension.

15. How does Mrs. Scallop often refer to herself?
(a) With a different name.
(b) As God's servant.
(c) In the second person.
(d) In the third person.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does James Wallis tell his son to refrain from when at the Brewster's home?

2. About whom is Ned often confused?

3. What does Ned refrain from saying to his mother?

4. What does Ned take Mr. Scully every day?

5. Why is James Willis upset with Hilary?

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