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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters VII and VIII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Ned find Mr. Scully one day?
(a) Working in the shed.
(b) Lying in the yard.
(c) Lying face down in a hallway.
(d) Down in the basement.

2. What does Ned avoid approaching?
(a) A broken water main.
(b) The cat on the icebox.
(c) One of the town bullies.
(d) The grave where his grandfather is buried.

3. Who has cake and lemonade in Ned's mother's room?
(a) Ned and his older brother who comes home for the ocassion.
(b) Just Ned and Mrs. Scallop as his father has been called out to a death.
(c) Papa, Ned and Mrs. Scallop.
(d) Just Ned as his father has been called out to a death.

4. Why is Ned particularly excited about traveling with Hilary?
(a) He can backpack in the mountains.
(b) He gets to do something that his sister does not.
(c) Ned has never traveled before.
(d) He gets to do something that his brother does not.

5. About what does Ned ask Mrs. Kinball?
(a) The reason she became a nurse.
(b) If her daughter Evelyn is really going to be in the movies.
(c) The history of the Makepeace mansion.
(d) Why Mrs. Scallop cried all the time.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Ned and Billy do after Ned helps Janet?

2. What does James Wallis tell his son to refrain from when at the Brewster's home?

3. Why does Mrs. Scallop cry?

4. What does the narrator say about Mr. Scully's bed?

5. Where does Evelyn Kimball's father work?

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