One-Eyed Cat Fun Activities

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Write a History

Create a make-believe history of the one-eyed cat, including a picture.

Presentation on the Great Depression

Create a poster presentation of The Great Depression of 1930's. Include how you think Ned's family fared in the depression.

History of Molokai

Create a poster presentation of the history of Molokai, Hawaii. Include information about the leper colony that Father Damien worked at.

Daisy Air Rifle

Research the history of the Daisy Air Rifle and create a presentation with pictures. Discuss for whom you think the air rifle would be an appropriate gift.

Hudson River Valley

Create a travel brochure of the Hudson River Valley of the present time, and convince your classmates to decide to travel there.

History of the Treatments for Arthrisis

Research the history of hos arthritis has been treated from the early part of the 20th century to the present. Guess at how well...

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