One-Eyed Cat Character Descriptions

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Ned Wallis

This character loves to read, is naturally curious and enjoys reading National Geographic magazine because it shows him what the world outside Tyler, New York is like.

Reverend James Wallis

The pastor of the Congregational Church in Tyler, New York.

Martha Wallis

A beautiful, lively woman and a devoted mother, who becomes ill with rheumatoid arthritis.

Mrs. Scallop

The Wallis' third housekeeper, who is a stout, short woman given to silent rages and superstition.

Mr. Scully

An elderly man who lives not far from Ned Wallis and his family.

Uncle Hilary

He gives Ned a Daisy air rifle for Ned's eleventh birthday, which upsets James Wallis.

Evelyn (Evie) Kimball

Her family is quite poor until her father finds work at the new gas station in Tyler.

Janet Hoffman

This character, a good friend of Ned's, is not fond of Billy Gaskell, believing Billy to be somewhat...

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