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Chapters I and II

• Ned Wallis and his parents live in a farmhouse, built in 1846.

• Ned was born in September of 1924. It is now 1935 and Ned is about to turn eleven.

• Mrs. Scallop is the third housekeeper for Wallis family, and Ned feels safe knowing she is there to help when his father must be out of the house for long periods of time.

• Ned is often confused by Mrs. Scallop, whose moods change rapidly and there seems to be a seething anger just below the surface.
• Ned's family was happy and carefree before Mama took sick.

• Ned and his father eat supper with Mrs. Brewster and her daughter on the Sunday before Ned's birthday.

• Ned does not like dining with the people in his father's congregation as he feels like a child in an orphanage.

• Many of the homes close to the Wallis land are abandoned. A...

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