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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Leslie give up as a young woman?
(a) Music.
(b) Playing sports.
(c) Sweets.
(d) Dating older men.

2. What form does Pye take in Chapter 7 when Leslie asks her what "higher perception" they could have chosen?
(a) Flower.
(b) Blue-white star.
(c) Bird.
(d) Ghost.

3. What is the tent made of that Richard and Leslie see when they land in a desert?
(a) Tree limbs and pine branches.
(b) Leather and cloth.
(c) Bark.
(d) Plastic.

4. At the beginning of the novel, where do Richard and Leslie plan to meet scientific researchers?
(a) Palm Springs.
(b) San Diego.
(c) Spring Hill.
(d) Los Angeles.

5. What kind of animal does Tatiana say "Hallo" to?
(a) Cat.
(b) Bird.
(c) Dog.
(d) Rabbit.

6. What makes Tink cry?
(a) When Leslie criticizes her.
(b) When Leslie says they love her.
(c) When Richard says he never heard about her.
(d) When Richard and Leslie break some crystals.

7. When there are sirens going off, what does Ivan take from the closet?
(a) Coats.
(b) Face masks.
(c) Money.
(d) Two overnight bags.

8. What does Richard realize is part of him at the end of Chapter 9?
(a) Belief in passive resistance.
(b) A peaceful past.
(c) Attila's violent ways.
(d) Nomadic life.

9. What color sport coat is the younger Richard wearing in the hotel when Richard talks with him?
(a) Black.
(b) Brown.
(c) Camel-colored.
(d) Green.

10. Who says, "We have some required courses: Survival, Nourishment, and Shelter."
(a) Pye.
(b) Richard.
(c) Leslie's mother.
(d) Leslie.

11. What happens to the compass after Leslie screams in Chapter 2?
(a) Spins.
(b) Cracks.
(c) Explodes.
(d) Falls off the instrument panel.

12. What does Richard say to Pye about flying up high in Chapter 4?
(a) Death will come if they fly higher.
(b) He is scared to go any higher.
(c) The plane can't handle a higher altitude.
(d) They can get perspective.

13. What does Tink give Leslie and Richard after they land the seaplane?
(a) Boots.
(b) Hard hats.
(c) Coffee.
(d) Gloves.

14. What is the thin young woman playing in the old stone house when Leslie and Richard arrive?
(a) Violin.
(b) Piano.
(c) Cello.
(d) Harp.

15. Why does Attila kill his guard?
(a) Because the guard cannot see Leslie and Richard.
(b) The guard called him a terrible name.
(c) The guard disobeyed him.
(d) He is jealous.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what city is the seventeen-year-old Leslie giving a recital?

2. How does Richard describe the factory he and Leslie land in?

3. Where do Richard and Leslie land in Chapter 11?

4. Before Pye leaves Leslie and Richard in Chapter 8, what advice does she give them?

5. How do the couple that Leslie and Richard meet in Chapter 11 know they are Americans?

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