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Jim Fergus
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does May do in the first morning with the Indian tribe that amuses the Indians?

2. How were the women treated when they first entered the Indian camp?

3. How does May describe her first few days with the tribe?

4. What event occurs that makes May feel that men are foolish, loutish creatures?

5. What is the one diversion the women are able to enjoy at Fort Laramie?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who are some of the people that May meets in those first few days of travel after leaving the asylum?

2. How does May feel about the Indian's relationship with nature and their lives in the camp?

3. How does May feel about the beginning of her trip?

4. How does May feel about her attraction to Captain Bourke?

5. What is discovered in the Black Hills that will change everything for the Cheyenne?

6. How does Captain Bourke feel about their mission and the attempt to civilize the Indians?

7. What do Helen and May have in common?

8. How does the first journal end under the direction of Phemie?

9. What is one of the things that May and Captain Bourke share?

10. What happens when the Indians drink whiskey?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Leadership is certainly a strong theme throughout One Thousand White Women. What kind of a leader was Chief Little Wolf? What, if any, qualities of a good or strong leader did he exemplify? Was his personality common among the Indians, or was he an exceptional man?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the use of symbolism in the names of some of the characters in the story.

Essay Topic 3

What part does the land and nature play in this book? Why does Jim Fergus choose to spend so much time describing the land, the seasons, and the part that living so close to nature played in Indian life? How does the reaction of May and the other women to their chance to live so close to nature, contribute to the story?

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