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Jim Fergus
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is "Seano?"
(a) It is the place that evil Cheyenne go.
(b) It is the place where only the good Cheyenne go.
(c) It is the place all Cheyenne go when they die.
(d) It is the netherword where Cheyenne souls go to wait to enter heaven.

2. As the Cheyenne enter the fort, how are the women greeted by the inhabitants of the fort?
(a) With respect and admiration.
(b) With violence and threats.
(c) With curiosity and questions.
(d) With disdain and contempt.

3. Why does May believe the Indians have not easily convert to Christianity?
(a) They have their own religion which satisfies them.
(b) They don't speak English well enough to understand.
(c) The don't like white people.
(d) They are sworn atheists.

4. How do all of the women feel about the new babies?
(a) They have no particular feelings.
(b) They see them as intruders.
(c) They see them as half-breeds.
(d) They are thrilled with them.

5. How do the Cheyenne women explain the act of capturing the Shoshone infant's hands to May?
(a) A childish act that must be ignored.
(b) An act of no importance.
(c) An act that protects the Cheyenne babies.
(d) The act of a demented few.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the agent of the Red Cloud agency think May is?

2. How does May describe the sanitation at the camp?

3. What does the tribal seer see for the future of the tribe?

4. After the kidnapping ordeal, how are the women treated by the tribe?

5. What is May's response to the Kit Foxes attack on the Shoshone?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the ordeal with the Crow Indians end for the women?

2. How does the nomadic life of the Cheyenne tribe end?

3. What unusual reaction does Daisy have while living with the Cheyenne?

4. What does May try to do each morning, and who often joins her?

5. What terrible thing happens that make the women believe the Cheyenne are truly savages?

6. How does Chief Little Wolf respond to the Sioux request that the Cheyenne join them as they go to war against the white man?

7. How does May describe Anthony?

8. What do the Indians do on the return trip from the fort that May believes will cause trouble?

9. As a result of the Crow incident, how does Quiet One's attitude toward May change and why?

10. How does December 25th pass for the women?

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