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Jim Fergus
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does May believe happened during the wedding ceremony?
(a) Some of the women were forced to leave.
(b) The ceremony was a secret affair.
(c) She was drugged as part of the ceremony.
(d) The men exchanged wives.

2. How does May describe herself during a conversation at the dinner table about religion?
(a) A Catholic.
(b) An Anglican.
(c) A bit of an agnostic.
(d) A Protestant.

3. Two days after May meets Captain Bourke, where does he invite her to do?
(a) Take a look at the horses.
(b) Take a stroll.
(c) Have an after dinner drink.
(d) Look around the fort.

4. What effect does Phemie's victory in the races have on the women?
(a) They decide to demand qual treatment.
(b) They are frightened about how the men will react.
(c) They are united in their pleasure that a woman won.
(d) It has no effect at all.

5. As the women approach the Indian tribe, what do they learn about the Indians?
(a) The Cheyenne Indian tribe will be coming to meet them.
(b) The Indians are having second thoughts about the program.
(c) Their families have been told the truth about their mission.
(d) There is unrest between the Indian tribes and between the Indians and white people.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose tent do May, Martha, and the other women run to when the Indians run amok?

2. What happens to Jules Seminole because he brought the whiskey to the tribe?

3. During her "honeymoon," what does May learn to do?

4. What does Reverend Hare tell May she is when she returns to camp?

5. What does May teach Chief Little Wolf how to do on their "honeymoon"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Lydia Bradley?

2. What is the proposal that Chief Little Wolf presents to President Grant and why?

3. How does May feel about Harry?

4. How does the first journal end under the direction of Phemie?

5. After encountering Jules Seminole, how does May feel about Chief Little Wolf?

6. How does May describe the wedding ceremony?

7. Where does Chief Little Wolf go after the night of whiskey, and how does he return?

8. What happens when the Indians drink whiskey?

9. What does May learn about the fort Indians and the Indians living with their tribes?

10. Where is May at the beginning of the story, and why is she there?

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