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Jim Fergus
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does May learn about Jimmy during the last days of the trip?
(a) Jimmy plans on trading some guns with the Indians.
(b) Jimmy is really a military spy.
(c) Jimmy is really a girl named Dirty Gertie.
(d) Jimmy is spying on Captain Bourke.

2. How does May describe the camp that is set up at the end of each day of travel?
(a) Very small and compact for safety.
(b) Ordered and exactly like the camp the day before.
(c) Haphazard because they are not terribly organized in their travel.
(d) Casual so that it is as easy as possible on everyone.

3. How is Gretchen Fathauer described?
(a) A large, Swiss woman with a heart of gold.
(b) A poor, shy woman.
(c) A beautiful German woman.
(d) The very picture of the blond, Swiss lass with pigtails.

4. During her "honeymoon," what does May learn to do?
(a) Butcher, skin, and dress an animal.
(b) Identify safe things to eat.
(c) Build a stand to use to hunt.
(d) Shoot game.

5. What happens to Jules Seminole because he brought the whiskey to the tribe?
(a) He is banished for one year.
(b) He is sent to the fort for imprisonment.
(c) Nothing.
(d) He is sent to live with another Indian tribe.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Jules Seminole calls Gretchen German?

2. During the final part of the trip to meet the Cheyenne, what does Captain Bourke tell the women about the Indians?

3. How does May describe the Indian's hunting?

4. What event captures the attention of Helen Flight on the train trip?

5. What does May teach Chief Little Wolf how to do on their "honeymoon"?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does May feel about Chief Little Wolf after he speaks out against Jules in the tribal council?

2. How does Phemie handle her life in the tribe?

3. How does Captain Bourke feel about their mission and the attempt to civilize the Indians?

4. How does the nomadic life of the Cheyenne tribe end?

5. What is unusual about Phemie's place in the tribe?

6. How does May describe the camps that are set up each day during their travels?

7. What unusual reaction does Daisy have while living with the Cheyenne?

8. Who will May be living with in her new life with the tribe?

9. As a result of the Crow incident, how does Quiet One's attitude toward May change and why?

10. What does May tell Chief Little Wolf he will have to do in order to comply with the law of the white man?

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