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Jim Fergus
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to tribal custom, because Marie Blanche's husband is dead and she is pregnant, what happens to her?
(a) One Bear, Runs From Crow's younger brother, offers to marry her.
(b) She is sent back to the fort.
(c) She is married to the Chief.
(d) She is banished from the tribe.

2. How does May describe herself during a conversation at the dinner table about religion?
(a) A Catholic.
(b) A bit of an agnostic.
(c) An Anglican.
(d) A Protestant.

3. What does May observe about the roles of men and women in the tribe?
(a) Women are seen as the spiritual leaders of the tribe.
(b) Women will never reach the status of equality found in the white man's world.
(c) Women's views are treated with respect.
(d) Women are worshipped because of their ability to have children.

4. What happens to Jules Seminole because he brought the whiskey to the tribe?
(a) He is sent to the fort for imprisonment.
(b) He is banished for one year.
(c) He is sent to live with another Indian tribe.
(d) Nothing.

5. How does May describe the camp that is set up at the end of each day of travel?
(a) Casual so that it is as easy as possible on everyone.
(b) Very small and compact for safety.
(c) Ordered and exactly like the camp the day before.
(d) Haphazard because they are not terribly organized in their travel.

Short Answer Questions

1. The women try to keep in touch but are often too tired to do so. When May finally sees Phemie again, what does Phemie tell her?

2. After the Indians inspect the woman, what is May certain of?

3. What is Narcissa White's reaction to the destructive events the night the Indians drink the whiskey?

4. What is unusual about Stares at Sun, the old Indian who wins the target contest?

5. What does May observe about the women who came to the tribe with her?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does May feel about the Indian's relationship with nature and their lives in the camp?

2. What is unique about Phemie?

3. How do May and Captain Bourke feel about each other the first time they meet?

4. What is the proposal that Chief Little Wolf presents to President Grant and why?

5. What is unusual about Phemie's place in the tribe?

6. How does May feel about her attraction to Captain Bourke?

7. How does May describe the camps that are set up each day during their travels?

8. How does May feel about Harry?

9. Who will May be living with in her new life with the tribe?

10. What is discovered in the Black Hills that will change everything for the Cheyenne?

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