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Jim Fergus
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Chief Little Wolf do that May warns will cause trouble?
(a) Damages the settler's fields.
(b) Threatens the settlers.
(c) Kills some of the settler's cattle.
(d) Steals some of the settler's food.

2. What happens that causes some distress among the women, especially Martha?
(a) The women must leave to have their babies.
(b) Because game is scarce, the tribe is forced to separate.
(c) The women are forced to leave their families.
(d) The women are asked to travel alone.

3. Why does May believe the Indians have not easily convert to Christianity?
(a) They don't speak English well enough to understand.
(b) They have their own religion which satisfies them.
(c) The don't like white people.
(d) They are sworn atheists.

4. What does May learn from Gertie about the Captain?
(a) He had Gertie follow the tribe during the summer.
(b) He wants all of the women to abandon the mission.
(c) He is preparing to wage war against the Cheyenne.
(d) He intended to ask May to marry him.

5. Who replaces the Reverend Hare?
(a) Another Reverend.
(b) A Jewish Rabbi.
(c) A Catholic Priest.
(d) Anthony, a Benedictine monk.

6. How does Chief Little Wolf feel about May's child?
(a) He is upset.
(b) He condemns the child.
(c) He considers the child his daughter.
(d) He sends her and May to the Fort.

7. How does Anthony react to the presentation of the Shoshone infant's hands?
(a) He is realistic and understands why the Cheyenne did it.
(b) He believes the women must help bring the Cheyenne to Christianity.
(c) Without emotion.
(d) With great anger condemning the Cheyenne to Hell.

8. How do the men react when Gretchen's husband challenges her?
(a) They cheer him.
(b) They ignore him.
(c) The chastise him.
(d) They call him a henpecked husband.

9. How are the women seen by the people of the fort?
(a) As brave women on a special mission.
(b) As loathsome creatures to be avoided.
(c) As similar to the prostitutes who hang around the fort Indians.
(d) As unusual women and not well understood.

10. What happens to the band of Crow Indians that kidnapped the women?
(a) They are killed in retaliation for the harm they caused.
(b) They are abandoned in the middle of nowhere.
(c) The are taken back to their tribe with marks of humiliation.
(d) They are beaten and forced to leave the area.

11. What is May's response to the Kit Foxes attack on the Shoshone?
(a) She gets angry.
(b) Her feelings are deeply hurt.
(c) She sees the Cheyenne as weak.
(d) She sees the Cheyenne as savages.

12. What was the major issue regarding Sara's burial?
(a) The white women insisted on performing a ceremony.
(b) An argument about what outfit she should be buried in.
(c) Reverend Hare wanted a Christian burial, and the Cheyenne wanted a traditional Cheyenne burial.
(d) What items should be buried with her.

13. What does the tribal seer see for the future of the tribe?
(a) Wealth.
(b) Hope.
(c) Disaster.
(d) Peace.

14. What does May ask Little Wolf to do in order to let the Army personnel know they intend to comply?
(a) Host a feast and invite people from the fort.
(b) Go immediately to the Agency.
(c) Fly a white flag in the camp.
(d) Pretend to agree to go to the Agency.

15. What happens to May?
(a) She gets shot.
(b) She escapes the camp and runs away.
(c) She is rescued.
(d) She is beaten

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Pretty Walker?

2. What does Reverend Hare do to incur the wrath of members of the tribe?

3. What does Anthony decide to do when the Cheyenne go to the Agency?

4. How does May react to the seer's predictions about the tribes future?

5. Why is Quiet One kind to May after the kidnapping ordeal?

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