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Jim Fergus
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does May try to convince Chief Little Wolf to do because she believes it is in the best interests of the Cheyenne?
(a) Convert to Christianity.
(b) Go to the Agency.
(c) Stay near the fort for the winter.
(d) Let his other wives go.

2. How has the relationship of the white women who joined the Brides for Indians program evolved during the time they have spent with the Cheyenne?
(a) They pay little attention to each other.
(b) They have become closer.
(c) They have drifted apart.
(d) They have become enemies.

3. What does Chief Little Wolf finally decide to do in response to the Army's demand that they go to the Agency?
(a) Join with other Indian tribes and fight.
(b) Fight.
(c) Go to the West.
(d) Travel to the Agency as soon as practical.

4. How are the women seen by the people of the fort?
(a) As similar to the prostitutes who hang around the fort Indians.
(b) As loathsome creatures to be avoided.
(c) As brave women on a special mission.
(d) As unusual women and not well understood.

5. What was the major issue regarding Sara's burial?
(a) The white women insisted on performing a ceremony.
(b) What items should be buried with her.
(c) Reverend Hare wanted a Christian burial, and the Cheyenne wanted a traditional Cheyenne burial.
(d) An argument about what outfit she should be buried in.

6. How do the twins, whose husbands participated in the raid on the Shoshone, react to the bag of Shoshone infant's hands?
(a) They were proud.
(b) They did not care.
(c) They are most inconsolable of all.
(d) They were glad their babies had been protected.

7. How does May feel about moving to the Agency?
(a) The tribe will become wealthy traders.
(b) It is inevitable.
(c) It will be a good move.
(d) It will destroy the tribe.

8. What is one of the results of the Kit Foxes attack on the Shoshone?
(a) They bring the Shoshone Chief as a captive.
(b) They present the scalp of the Shoshone Chief.
(c) They bring proof of the destruction of the Shoshone warriors.
(d) They present a bag containing the right hands of 12 Shoshone babies.

9. What happens to John Bourke after the Army attack?
(a) He becomes an advocate of Indian's rights.
(b) He loses his mind.
(c) He quietly retires and lives alone.
(d) He becomes a general in the Army.

10. What happens to May?
(a) She is rescued.
(b) She gets shot.
(c) She is beaten
(d) She escapes the camp and runs away.

11. Why does the Army attack the Cheyenne camp?
(a) Because they did not care if the Cheyenne were ready to cooperate.
(b) Because they could do anything they wanted to do.
(c) Because Jules Seminole told the Army it was a Sioux camp.
(d) Because they want to steal all the horses.

12. What happens to the band of Crow Indians that kidnapped the women?
(a) They are abandoned in the middle of nowhere.
(b) They are beaten and forced to leave the area.
(c) The are taken back to their tribe with marks of humiliation.
(d) They are killed in retaliation for the harm they caused.

13. What happens when Bourke does not shock Chief Little Wolf in the "game?"
(a) He becomes the commander of the fort.
(b) He goes to live with the Indians.
(c) He loses face with his men.
(d) Nothing.

14. What happens when everyone finds out Gertie is a woman?
(a) She still works as a muleskinner.
(b) She is forced to live with the Indians.
(c) She marries one of the other muleskinners.
(d) She is exiled.

15. Why does May believe the Indians have not easily convert to Christianity?
(a) The don't like white people.
(b) They don't speak English well enough to understand.
(c) They are sworn atheists.
(d) They have their own religion which satisfies them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Reverend Hare do to incur the wrath of members of the tribe?

2. What do some of the Cheyenne families decide to do after considering the white man's orders to go to the Agency?

3. Why does May feel the need to be close to Chief Little Wolf after the kidnapping ordeal?

4. What happens very soon after the Cheyenne arrive at the winter camp?

5. Who is Pretty Walker?

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