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Jim Fergus
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is "Seano?"
(a) It is the netherword where Cheyenne souls go to wait to enter heaven.
(b) It is the place where only the good Cheyenne go.
(c) It is the place all Cheyenne go when they die.
(d) It is the place that evil Cheyenne go.

2. What do the Sioux Indians come to ask of the Cheyenne tribe?
(a) To arrange to trade horses for white women.
(b) To join the trading party.
(c) To buy guns and ammunition for them.
(d) To fight the whites to protect their possession of the Black Hills that was promised to them forever.

3. How do the men react when Gretchen's husband challenges her?
(a) They call him a henpecked husband.
(b) They cheer him.
(c) They ignore him.
(d) The chastise him.

4. Which other woman frequently joins May at the beginning of her favorite time of day?
(a) Gertie.
(b) Narcissa.
(c) Ada.
(d) Helen.

5. How does May feel about moving to the Agency?
(a) It will be a good move.
(b) It will destroy the tribe.
(c) It is inevitable.
(d) The tribe will become wealthy traders.

6. What does May believe Narcissa is planning as they near the fort?
(a) To refuse to continue living with the Cheyenne.
(b) To demand the Cheyenne be forced to convert to Christianity.
(c) To demand that the soldiers punish the Cheyenne.
(d) To take the best horses to help her escape.

7. Why does May feel the need to be close to Chief Little Wolf after the kidnapping ordeal?
(a) She is afraid and needs the comfort of his being close.
(b) She is afraid to be in the tent with other members of her family.
(c) She is afraid he will now divorce her because she was raped.
(d) She is sure she is now his favorite wife.

8. What does the agent of the Red Cloud agency think May is?
(a) A nurse.
(b) A good, Christian woman.
(c) An angel of mercy.
(d) A prostitute serving the Indians.

9. Who is Pretty Walker?
(a) A young woman who takes care of the children.
(b) A girl who leads the children.
(c) Chief Little Wolf's daughter.
(d) A young woman who takes care of the horses.

10. What happens when May and Captain Bourke meet again alone?
(a) They confess their love for each other.
(b) They decide to run away together.
(c) They realize they were never meant for each other.
(d) They discover they don't like each other any more.

11. Who replaces the Reverend Hare?
(a) A Catholic Priest.
(b) Anthony, a Benedictine monk.
(c) A Jewish Rabbi.
(d) Another Reverend.

12. Where does May have her baby?
(a) At the fort.
(b) At the agency.
(c) In the birthing lodge.
(d) In her tent.

13. What is one of the results of the Kit Foxes attack on the Shoshone?
(a) They present the scalp of the Shoshone Chief.
(b) They bring the Shoshone Chief as a captive.
(c) They present a bag containing the right hands of 12 Shoshone babies.
(d) They bring proof of the destruction of the Shoshone warriors.

14. What does May try to convince Chief Little Wolf to do because she believes it is in the best interests of the Cheyenne?
(a) Let his other wives go.
(b) Go to the Agency.
(c) Convert to Christianity.
(d) Stay near the fort for the winter.

15. What does Chief Little Wolf do that May warns will cause trouble?
(a) Kills some of the settler's cattle.
(b) Threatens the settlers.
(c) Damages the settler's fields.
(d) Steals some of the settler's food.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the kidnapping ordeal, how are the women treated by the tribe?

2. What happens to May?

3. What is May's primary concern about the demand that they move to the Agency?

4. What happens very soon after the Cheyenne arrive at the winter camp?

5. How do the Cheyenne feel about May's child?

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