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Jim Fergus
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to May during a bad storm?
(a) She gets lost in the camp and has to be rescued.
(b) She gets very sick.
(c) She sneaks out of the camp.
(d) She is punished for trying to get into the sweat-lodge.

2. What does May observe about Anthony's sharing of his Christian faith?
(a) He is full of fire and brimstone.
(b) He threatens hell as punishment for their sins.
(c) He simply does nothing.
(d) He preaches gently.

3. What does May tell Martha about the night of the abduction?
(a) She had resigned herself to joining the Crow tribe.
(b) She recognized some of the Crow.
(c) She, too, was afraid, but tried to protect her unborn child.
(d) She had a message from Chief Little Wolf that he was coming to save them.

4. What do the Sioux Indians come to ask of the Cheyenne tribe?
(a) To arrange to trade horses for white women.
(b) To fight the whites to protect their possession of the Black Hills that was promised to them forever.
(c) To buy guns and ammunition for them.
(d) To join the trading party.

5. Where does May have her baby?
(a) At the agency.
(b) In the birthing lodge.
(c) In her tent.
(d) At the fort.

6. One of May's arguments in support of moving to the Agency includes the belief that the mixed race children will help the Indians assimilate. What is Phemie's response?
(a) The white people will bribe them.
(b) It is a possibility.
(c) People often suffer more for being of mixed race.
(d) They will abuse their power.

7. How does May describe the sanitation at the camp?
(a) There is a central area, downwind of the camp, that all the people use.
(b) They ride a horse a short way from the camp.
(c) They use buckets which they later empty.
(d) They are directed to find a distant place in the bush.

8. What do the soldiers put in the fire?
(a) The tipis.
(b) The dead.
(c) Wood.
(d) Everything.

9. What does May try to convince Chief Little Wolf to do because she believes it is in the best interests of the Cheyenne?
(a) Stay near the fort for the winter.
(b) Go to the Agency.
(c) Convert to Christianity.
(d) Let his other wives go.

10. After the kidnapping ordeal, how are the women treated by the tribe?
(a) Generously and lovingly and welcomed back to their homes.
(b) Cruelly and coldly because they have been humiliated.
(c) As if nothing happened.
(d) As if they now have strong medicine because of their ordeal.

11. What happens very soon after the Cheyenne arrive at the winter camp?
(a) Driving rain.
(b) A blizzard.
(c) Light snows.
(d) Unseasonably hot weather.

12. What does Anthony decide to do when the Cheyenne go to the Agency?
(a) Go with the tribe to the Agency.
(b) Go West.
(c) Stay in the area and build his hermitage.
(d) Go back to his home.

13. What is May's favorite time of day?
(a) After dinner, while the others relax at the end of the day.
(b) In the morning, before the camp is fully awake.
(c) In the afternoon, while most of the others take an afternoon nap.
(d) At the end of the day, when the others have gone to sleep.

14. How do the twins, whose husbands participated in the raid on the Shoshone, react to the bag of Shoshone infant's hands?
(a) They were glad their babies had been protected.
(b) They did not care.
(c) They are most inconsolable of all.
(d) They were proud.

15. What was the major issue regarding Sara's burial?
(a) Reverend Hare wanted a Christian burial, and the Cheyenne wanted a traditional Cheyenne burial.
(b) The white women insisted on performing a ceremony.
(c) An argument about what outfit she should be buried in.
(d) What items should be buried with her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Helen do that the Indian women consider scandalous?

2. What does May ask Little Wolf to do in order to let the Army personnel know they intend to comply?

3. What happens that causes some distress among the women, especially Martha?

4. What does General Crook want the Cheyenne to do?

5. What does Chief Little Wolf do that May warns will cause trouble?

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