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Jim Fergus
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does General Crook want the Cheyenne to do?
(a) Leave the area and move West.
(b) Go to the Red Cloud Agency.
(c) Travel south and leave the area.
(d) Disband and move to different areas of the country.

2. What do the Sioux Indians come to ask of the Cheyenne tribe?
(a) To arrange to trade horses for white women.
(b) To join the trading party.
(c) To fight the whites to protect their possession of the Black Hills that was promised to them forever.
(d) To buy guns and ammunition for them.

3. What happens to May during a bad storm?
(a) She sneaks out of the camp.
(b) She gets lost in the camp and has to be rescued.
(c) She is punished for trying to get into the sweat-lodge.
(d) She gets very sick.

4. What does Chief Little Wolf do that May warns will cause trouble?
(a) Kills some of the settler's cattle.
(b) Steals some of the settler's food.
(c) Damages the settler's fields.
(d) Threatens the settlers.

5. What does May try to convince Chief Little Wolf to do because she believes it is in the best interests of the Cheyenne?
(a) Stay near the fort for the winter.
(b) Go to the Agency.
(c) Let his other wives go.
(d) Convert to Christianity.

6. What is Captain Bourke's first reaction to May the first time he recognizes her?
(a) He shows curiosity and interest.
(b) He is threatening and cruel.
(c) He shows horror and revulsion.
(d) He displays joy and delight.

7. How does Chief Little Wolf feel about May's child?
(a) He is upset.
(b) He condemns the child.
(c) He sends her and May to the Fort.
(d) He considers the child his daughter.

8. How does May react to the seer's predictions about the tribes future?
(a) She pays no attention.
(b) She, too, sees a future of plenty.
(c) She refuses to accept the prediction of a bad future.
(d) She, too, looks forward to a peaceful future.

9. Why does Phemie refuse to go the the Agency?
(a) She wants to return to Canada.
(b) She wants to go West.
(c) She refuses to be a slave again.
(d) She doesn't like the land there.

10. How do all of the women feel about the new babies?
(a) They see them as intruders.
(b) They see them as half-breeds.
(c) They have no particular feelings.
(d) They are thrilled with them.

11. Why is Quiet One kind to May after the kidnapping ordeal?
(a) Because May is now Chief Little Wolf's favorite wife.
(b) Because May saved her daughter, Pretty Walker, from being raped.
(c) Because they are now equal in the eyes of Chief Little Wolf.
(d) Because May relies on her to feel safe.

12. What does May tell Martha about the night of the abduction?
(a) She had a message from Chief Little Wolf that he was coming to save them.
(b) She recognized some of the Crow.
(c) She, too, was afraid, but tried to protect her unborn child.
(d) She had resigned herself to joining the Crow tribe.

13. Who comes to see Anthony 50 years after the Army attacked the Cheyenne?
(a) Captain Bourke.
(b) Reverend Hare.
(c) Harold Wild Plums, son of Wren, grandson of May.
(d) Jasmine Wild Flower, Martha's granddaughter.

14. How are the women seen by the people of the fort?
(a) As loathsome creatures to be avoided.
(b) As brave women on a special mission.
(c) As similar to the prostitutes who hang around the fort Indians.
(d) As unusual women and not well understood.

15. What happens to John Bourke after the Army attack?
(a) He becomes a general in the Army.
(b) He quietly retires and lives alone.
(c) He becomes an advocate of Indian's rights.
(d) He loses his mind.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the women is the first to learn the Cheyenne language, and why is it so unusual?

2. What do the soldiers put in the fire?

3. What does Reverend Hare do to incur the wrath of members of the tribe?

4. How does Martha feel about Christmas?

5. Who replaces the Reverend Hare?

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