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Jim Fergus
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Jules Seminole calls Gretchen German?
(a) She tells him she is Swiss and beats him.
(b) She tells him she hates half-breeds.
(c) She loses the match.
(d) She tells him she is Polish and beats him.

2. What is the President's Indian Peace Plan?
(a) It will teach Indians to live like white people.
(b) It involves coming to a peaceful agreement with the Indian leaders.
(c) It will send Indian representatives to live among white people.
(d) It involves sending the Cheyenne children to church-affiliated boarding schools.

3. When the Cheyenne come to inspect the white women, what does May realize that Captain Bourke understands?
(a) He is in love with her and wants her to stay with him.
(b) He knows she will be safe and cared for.
(c) He is relieved that he is about to deliver the women.
(d) The Chief has selected May for his own.

4. What does May observe about Indian social structure?
(a) They are sticklers for protocol with strict rules of acceptable behavior.
(b) They maintain a written record of the rules.
(c) They have no real social rules.
(d) They are constantly adjustng the rules.

5. What event occurs that makes May feel that men are foolish, loutish creatures?
(a) The men proposition the women.
(b) The men shoot the buffalo and leave them to die.
(c) The men shoot a buffalo and insist on eating it.
(d) The men make lewd comments about the women.

6. According to tribal custom, because Marie Blanche's husband is dead and she is pregnant, what happens to her?
(a) One Bear, Runs From Crow's younger brother, offers to marry her.
(b) She is sent back to the fort.
(c) She is banished from the tribe.
(d) She is married to the Chief.

7. Who is Daisy Lovelace?
(a) A woman who gives the appearance of ruined gentry.
(b) A woman who sells clothing and wants to study Indian fashion.
(c) A lovely, elegant woman who volunteers to escape poverty.
(d) A woman trying to escape from a brutal husband.

8. Why is Helen pleased the last part of the trip as they approach Cheyenne territory?
(a) She can shoot birds and collect their feathers.
(b) She can shoot birds for a sumptuous dinner.
(c) She can shoot the birds that she draws.
(d) She can shoot birds she uses to make special medicines.

9. May and Captain Bourke find they both share an interest in what subject?
(a) Milton.
(b) Shakespeare.
(c) Horses.
(d) The Bible.

10. Who is Jimmy?
(a) The young man who is going to trade with the Indians.
(b) The young man who supplies the food.
(c) The young man who will help bring back the horses.
(d) A rough lad who knows a lot about the country's topography.

11. Why does Martha decide to join the Brides for Indians program?
(a) To go to the West.
(b) To marry an Indian.
(c) To make money.
(d) She is afraid to be punished for helping May.

12. What event captures the attention of Helen Flight on the train trip?
(a) She gets off the train and is able to get close to some birds.
(b) A bird flies into the train, and she is able to capture it.
(c) The soldiers shoot some of the birds in the area to eat.
(d) A very large group of cranes take off from the surface of the river, creating a massive wave of birds.

13. As the women prepare to leave with the Indians, who joins them?
(a) The soldiers who will take them back to the fort.
(b) The Episcopalian Reverend Hare.
(c) Captain Bourke.
(d) Traders.

14. What effect does Phemie's victory in the races have on the women?
(a) It has no effect at all.
(b) They decide to demand qual treatment.
(c) They are united in their pleasure that a woman won.
(d) They are frightened about how the men will react.

15. What does Jimmy come to May's tent to ask?
(a) He wants her to ride with him for the rest of the trip.
(b) If she will help him with the horses.
(c) To go to Captain Bourke's tent.
(d) He fears for her safety.

Short Answer Questions

1. One night at dinner, as the party nears Indian territory, what does Daisy tell them about her father?

2. Who is Sara Johnstone?

3. How does May describe the camp that is set up at the end of each day of travel?

4. How does May describe the Indian's hunting?

5. Who is Jules Seminole?

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