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Jim Fergus
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is unusual about Stares at Sun, the old Indian who wins the target contest?
(a) He is blind.
(b) He is female.
(c) He is elderly.
(d) He is crippled.

2. What event occurs that makes May feel that men are foolish, loutish creatures?
(a) The men shoot a buffalo and insist on eating it.
(b) The men shoot the buffalo and leave them to die.
(c) The men proposition the women.
(d) The men make lewd comments about the women.

3. What kind of person is Narcissa White?
(a) A shrew who hates everyone.
(b) A Christian missionary with a shrill voice.
(c) A selfish spinster.
(d) A quiet, little woman.

4. What does May do in the first morning with the Indian tribe that amuses the Indians?
(a) She follows them to the place they bathe and bathes herself.
(b) She insists on preparing meals the way she used to.
(c) She sings to herself while she works in the fields.
(d) She reads her book every night.

5. What does May do when she is told about the Black Hills gold?
(a) She tells the women so they can return to the fort.
(b) She tells the Cheyenne so they can start mining the gold.
(c) She tells the women so they can mine the gold for protection in the future.
(d) She keeps the information to herself for the time being.

6. During her "honeymoon," what does May learn to do?
(a) Butcher, skin, and dress an animal.
(b) Build a stand to use to hunt.
(c) Identify safe things to eat.
(d) Shoot game.

7. What does May try to discourage the Indians from doing during a special council meeting?
(a) Going to war on an enemy tribe.
(b) Raiding the nearest fort and surrounding farms for supplies.
(c) Arranging fights to the death to determine the superior warriors.
(d) Sending a raiding party off to capture more white women.

8. What does May believe after her honeymoon with Chief Little Wolf?
(a) That the women need to get together to compare notes.
(b) She has found the one, true love of her life.
(c) That the whole mission is doomed to failure.
(d) That the Chief will be her window to the tribe.

9. How does May describe her first few days with the tribe?
(a) Spent learning sign language.
(b) Spent under guard in her tent.
(c) Full of hard, physical labor and no privacy.
(d) Boring and tedious with nothing to do.

10. After the Indians inspect the woman, what is May certain of?
(a) The Indians will go off and fight over the women.
(b) She has made a terrible decision to come to this place.
(c) She has been chosen by the apparent chief of the tribe.
(d) The Indians will not return because they are not happy.

11. What does Gretchen tell her husband after he wagers her for whiskey with Jules Seminole?
(a) She is going to kill him.
(b) That she wants the whiskey to sell.
(c) She can make him rich if he will be good to her.
(d) To not come back to her tent.

12. Who are the Kelly sisters, Margaret and Susan?
(a) Two women looking for adventure in the West.
(b) Twins serving ten years in the Illinois State Penitentiary.
(c) Women sold into the program by their husbands.
(d) Innocent women serving ten years in the Illinois State Penitentiary.

13. What is unusual about the hat that Lydia wears to wave goodbye to the party led by Captain Bourke?
(a) It resembles an Indian headress as seen by New York designers.
(b) It has special pom poms.
(c) It has no feathers.
(d) It has even more feathers than the first hat she wore.

14. One night at dinner, as the party nears Indian territory, what does Daisy tell them about her father?
(a) He was a wealthy southern aristrocrat.
(b) He was a successful businessman.
(c) He lost everything in the Civil War and died a broken man.
(d) He was a northern sympathizer.

15. What does Helen Flight tell Lydia Bradley about the feathers in her new hat?
(a) The Seminole Indians kill the birds in order to get the feathers.
(b) The feathers are from a bird that is almost extinct.
(c) Those particular feathers are cheap and easy to come by.
(d) It is silly to put feathers on hats.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Narcissa White's reaction to the destructive events the night the Indians drink the whiskey?

2. How does May describe the camp that is set up at the end of each day of travel?

3. During the final part of the trip to meet the Cheyenne, what does Captain Bourke tell the women about the Indians?

4. What effect does Phemie's victory in the races have on the women?

5. How does May describe the military guard accompanying them on their journey?

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