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Jim Fergus
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the women first meet some of the members of the Cheyenne tribe?
(a) The Indians ride through the women's camp in a parade.
(b) They come to inspect the women.
(c) They are engaged in a battle with the Sioux.
(d) They come to bring gifts to the women.

2. What does May see is so damaging to the Indians?
(a) Whiskey.
(b) War games.
(c) Smoking.
(d) Promiscuity.

3. What does May believe happened during the wedding ceremony?
(a) Some of the women were forced to leave.
(b) She was drugged as part of the ceremony.
(c) The ceremony was a secret affair.
(d) The men exchanged wives.

4. What does May observe about the women who came to the tribe with her?
(a) They look very much like natives.
(b) They are counting the days until they can leave.
(c) They are unhappy with the tribe and let them know it.
(d) They have maintained vestiges of their previous lives.

5. What does Gretchen tell her husband after he wagers her for whiskey with Jules Seminole?
(a) That she wants the whiskey to sell.
(b) She is going to kill him.
(c) She can make him rich if he will be good to her.
(d) To not come back to her tent.

6. The women try to keep in touch but are often too tired to do so. When May finally sees Phemie again, what does Phemie tell her?
(a) She is already married and enjoying her new life.
(b) She has negotiated her freedom.
(c) She has refused to participate in the Brides for Indians program.
(d) She has taken control of her life by refusing to do the menial labor.

7. What does Captain Bourke say to May the evening before leaving the women with the Cheyenne?
(a) He forbids her to go with the Indians.
(b) He insists that she return to her family immediately.
(c) He insists that she return to the fort every month.
(d) He feels she should go to one of the other tribes.

8. As the women prepare to leave with the Indians, who joins them?
(a) Traders.
(b) The soldiers who will take them back to the fort.
(c) The Episcopalian Reverend Hare.
(d) Captain Bourke.

9. What is Captain Bourke concerned about when he is alone with May in his tent?
(a) Her being forbidden to become an Indian bride.
(b) Any sense of impropriety that might concern May.
(c) Their future together.
(d) The possibility that he will be demoted.

10. Why is May sent to the asylum?
(a) She has had a number of lovers and refuses to take responsibility for her children.
(b) Her family considers her behavior promiscuous.
(c) Her family wants her to marry Harry Ames to legitimize their grandchildren.
(d) Her family wants her to marry a socially prominent man they have selected for her, but she refuses.

11. What does Helen Flight tell Lydia Bradley about the feathers in her new hat?
(a) Those particular feathers are cheap and easy to come by.
(b) The feathers are from a bird that is almost extinct.
(c) The Seminole Indians kill the birds in order to get the feathers.
(d) It is silly to put feathers on hats.

12. One night at dinner, as the party nears Indian territory, what does Daisy tell them about her father?
(a) He was a successful businessman.
(b) He was a northern sympathizer.
(c) He lost everything in the Civil War and died a broken man.
(d) He was a wealthy southern aristrocrat.

13. What amusing incident occurs while the women are being chosen by their Indian husbands-to-be?
(a) Helen runs after a new bird and trips into a pool of water.
(b) Daisy's dog bites the Indian who treated him roughly.
(c) Some of the women run away.
(d) The horses being traded for the women escape.

14. What does Jimmy come to May's tent to ask?
(a) He wants her to ride with him for the rest of the trip.
(b) He fears for her safety.
(c) To go to Captain Bourke's tent.
(d) If she will help him with the horses.

15. Who is Daisy Lovelace?
(a) A woman trying to escape from a brutal husband.
(b) A woman who sells clothing and wants to study Indian fashion.
(c) A woman who gives the appearance of ruined gentry.
(d) A lovely, elegant woman who volunteers to escape poverty.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the women feel about staying with Phemie?

2. What has Helen become during her time with the tribe?

3. Why does Martha decide to join the Brides for Indians program?

4. What kind of Indians were the fort Indians, according to Abigail James?

5. Who is Sara Johnstone?

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