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Jim Fergus
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 20 April, 21 April 22 April and 23 April 1875.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Sara Johnstone?
(a) A cheerful, verbose young women.
(b) A cleaning woman at the asylum.
(c) A young woman who also lived at the asylum, but who never speaks.
(d) A woman who wants to learn about Indians firsthand.

2. The women are depressed, but Phemie brings some cheer by doing what?
(a) She prepares a good home cooked meal.
(b) She sings the Negro spiritual, "This Train."
(c) She leads the women in a prayer.
(d) She asks the soldiers to buy them something to eat.

3. What is Captain Bourke disturbed to learn about what the women don't know?
(a) They had no way of ending their agreement.
(b) That they could be abandoned if they were not selected.
(c) They were not given information about the life they would face.
(d) That they would not be able to return to the fort for their safety.

4. How does May describe the train they use to get to Fort Laramie in comparison to their transportation from Chicago?
(a) Luxurious.
(b) Even more spartan and uncomfortable.
(c) Somewhat more comfortable.
(d) Filthy.

5. Who are the Kelly sisters, Margaret and Susan?
(a) Two women looking for adventure in the West.
(b) Women sold into the program by their husbands.
(c) Twins serving ten years in the Illinois State Penitentiary.
(d) Innocent women serving ten years in the Illinois State Penitentiary.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does May tell Harry in a letter?

2. May and Captain Bourke find they both share an interest in what subject?

3. What does Jimmy come to May's tent to ask?

4. How does May describe the military guard accompanying them on their journey?

5. Who is Jimmy?

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