Objects & Places from One Thousand White Women

Jim Fergus
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The program developed by the U.S. Government as an effort to teach the Indian savages the ways of the white man and merge the two cultures.

Red Cloud Agency

A place that has been sorely neglected by the U.S. government, its residents living in poverty and hopelessness.

Camp Robinson, Fort Laramie, Fort Fetterman

Place(s) where the white brides stayed as they traveled toward Indian country wilderness.


A tipi, or Cheyenne tent, which often houses several people or accommodates group meetings.


The Cheyenne word for assent, or "yes."


A folding case made of buffalo rawhide, carried by the horses or mules, which contains household goods and implements.


A flap of animal hide worn by Indian men to cover their private parts.

medicine animal

This gives a special power against enemies and helps protect and keep a Cheyenne safe.

Great White Father

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