Daily Lessons for Teaching One Thousand White Women

Jim Fergus
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Lesson 1 (from 23 March, 24 March, 27 March 1875)


23 March, 24 March, 27 March 1875

Students will demonstrate knowledge of the political and social climate of the period in order to form the basis of an understanding of the book One Thousand White Women by Jim Fergus and the offer made by Chief Little Wolf.


Class Assignment 1--Have students break into small groups and do research on the internet on subjects including the administration of Ulysses S. Grant, the political landscape, the social environment, and other issues that would influence such a program and the women who might have been involved.

Class Assignment 2--Divide the class in half for a debate. Have one side argue in favor of Chief Little Wolf's offer and the other against. This debate should use the information gathered by Class Assignment 1.

Homework Assignment 1--Have students write a brief paper about the reasons President Grant might have had to not allow such an...

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