One Thousand White Women Character Descriptions

Jim Fergus
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May Dodd - A young woman unwilling to follow the rules of social propriety; she marries the tribal chief.

Captain John Bourke - He is an honorable military man.

Martha Atwood - An employee at the lunatic asylum, this character helps May escape and accompanies her when she goes to live with the Indians.

Euphemia (Phemie) Washington - This character is a tall, black woman who becomes a "white" bride.

Helen Flight - This eccentric English character is passionate about killing and painting wild birds.

Gretchen Fathauer - This character is very large, loud, and has a heavy Swiss accent.

Susie and Meggie Kelly - These characters are identical twins with a heavy Irish brogue and a penchant for crime.

Daisy Lovelace - She is a pretentious spinster who sees herself as a southern belle, complete with bigotry and a small white poodle.

Sara Johnstone - This...

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