One Thousand White Women Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jim Fergus
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23 March, 24 March, 27 March 1875

• 1874, Chief Little Wolf of the Cheyenne Sweet Medicine tribe, proposed exchanging 1,000 horses for 1,000 white women to marry members of his tribe in an effort to allow the cultures to assimilate.

• The proposal causes shock and outrage among the white population.

• President Grant sees the potential for the program and gives Chief Little Wolf the Presidential Peace Medal.
• The BFI project ("Brides for Indians") is established.

• Women from jails and mental institutions are recruited to participate.

• May Dodd, committed to a mental institution for behaving in a way that her family considers unacceptable, forges papers in order to take part in the program. This book contains the diary she kept during her time among the Indians from March 1875 through March 1876.

• Martha Atwood, an asylum employee, helps her forge the papers and accompanies her in order to escape prosecution.

• Brief introductions to fellow travelers, Helen Flight, Ada...

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