One of Us Is Lying Short Essay - Answer Key

McManus, Karen M.
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1. What does Bronwyn try to convinve Mr. Avery of?

Bronwyn tries to convince Mr. Avery of her innocence. Bronwyn's phone was in her locker when Mr. Avery searched her bag and confiscated a different phone. She shows him her real phone at the beginning of detention.

2. Why can the school not do anything about Simon's app?

Simon created the About That app, but he does not identify himself. He only uses the initials, not the full names, of the students who are mentioned in his gossip app.

3. What type of families are moving to the Bayview area?

Wealthy families from San Diego who are getting priced out of living in the city move to the Bayview area. They expect their money to go further in Bayview.

4. What are the rumors regarding why Nate is on probation?

The students are not sure why Nate is on probation; however, Bronwyn has heard rumors that it could be for a DUI. She also has heard gossip that Nate deals drugs.

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