One of Us Is Lying Fun Activities

McManus, Karen M.
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Create a map of Mr. Avery's classroom based on the description during detention. Include the location of the teacher's desk, where each of the students are sitting or standing, the windows, and the sink.


Each of the student narrators is introduced to the reader as a stereotype. Create a soundtrack with at least two songs representing each of the four stereotypical narrators as well as Simon.

Relationship Tree

Using a family tree model, create a relationship tree for the students in the novel. The connections between characters can be displayed as a tree, a graph, or a chart.


Cooper is compared to Captain America and Keely is compared to Angelina Jolie. Draw, paint, or sculpt a caricature of Cooper or Keely. Reference the text and exaggerate the character's features.


Choose a pair of friends from the text and create a representational usie (group selfie...

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