One of Us Is Lying Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

McManus, Karen M.
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Essay Topic 1

Simon says that his gossip app, All That, is a public service. The things Simon reveals about his classmates are very personal and often hurtful, but they are also true. Why would the author choose to include the fact that Simon is posting the truth? How does this relate to motive?

Essay Topic 2

Mr. Avery tells the students in detention to hand write a 500-word essay on how technology is ruining schools. Why might the author have included this interaction and how do the students react to the assignment? What message may the author be sending by having the teacher call longhand a lost art?

Essay Topic 3

Cooper is named for the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown. What kind of pressure does Cooper's dad put on him to succeed? Does Cooper's dad express his expectations actively or passively? How does the spotlight Cooper is under...

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