One of Us Is Lying Character Descriptions

McManus, Karen M.
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Bronwyn Rojas

This character is a tutor and Mathlete who follows rules and wants to get into the best college. This character has dark hair, gray eyes, glasses, and is dubbed a brain.

Cooper Clay

This character plays baseball, has a Southern accent, and was homecoming king. This character has cropped, sandy hair, dates Keely, and is dubbed a jock.

Adelaide (Addy) Prentiss

This character was homecoming princess, dates Jake, and depends heavily on other people. This character has blond hair and is dubbed a beauty.

Nate Macauley

This character is mysterious, has often been in trouble, and is on probation. This character has dark hair, wears a leather jacket, and is dubbed a criminal.

Simon Kelleher

This character created the About That app, has a severe peanut allergy, and is an outcast. This character is confrontational and dubbed himself an omniscient narrator.

Mr. Avery

This character is a...

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