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Short Answer Questions

1. Where was the junk shop that E. B. White went to get rid of a piece of furniture in "Removal"?

2. To whom did White write an imaginary letter in "Walden"?

3. How many pounds of cod and haddock had White caught in "Report"?

4. What day did White go to the campground for the pièce de résistance in "Camp Meeting"?

5. What magazine did White read to stay up to date on the cinema industry in "Movies"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did White criticize about modern films in "Movies"?

2. What did White describe doing in "Removal"? What was White's difficulty in this transition?

3. What foreshadowing can be seen in White's second section of articles in One Man's Meat?

4. What news did White discover in "Progress and Change"? What nostalgia did it bring up?

5. Where did White go in "Second World War"? What was his impression of the trip and his companion?

6. What did White write about his feelings of religion in "Sabbath Morn"?

7. What obstacle did White encounter in arranging his new office in "Incoming Basket"? What was his solution?

8. What irony did White note about the dog in "A Boston Terrier"?

9. What did White discover about his expenses on the farm in "Security"? What was he doing in the narrative?

10. What events did White describe in "A Week in April"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the life and career of Henry David Thoreau and his impressions on E. B. White in "Walden." What did White think of Walden Pond when he saw it in the essay?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the types of schools E. B. White and his wife Katharine attended. How were they different? How did this shape their ideals of education?

Essay Topic 3

Describe E. B. White's move from the city to the country. Where was White born and where did he move from? What was his farm like in comparison to his city home?

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