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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When was "Sabbath Morn" written?
(a) July, 1940.
(b) September, 1939.
(c) August, 1941.
(d) February, 1939.

2. When was "Salt Water Farm" written?
(a) January, 1939.
(b) July, 1939.
(c) September, 1939.
(d) August, 1940.

3. The ad in "A Boston Terrier" stated ""A dog's nervous system resembles" what?
(a) A monkey's.
(b) A bird's.
(c) Our own.
(d) A bear's.

4. White wrote that the threat of what was "always in the pit of your stomach" in "Salt Water Farm"?
(a) Fog.
(b) Snow.
(c) Death.
(d) Rain.

5. When was "The Flocks We Watch by Night" written?
(a) June, 1940.
(b) October, 1938.
(c) November, 1939.
(d) March, 1938.

Short Answer Questions

1. What large and unattractive item did White write "came to be a sort of symbol of what I was trying to escape from" in "Removal"?

2. What train line in New York did White discover was being demolished in "Progress and Change"?

3. In "Hot Weather," White wrote of beaches with bathhouses that smelled like what?

4. White wrote in "Walden" that he had often gone a mile out of his way to avoid a place of what interest?

5. What initial did White refer to his neighbor who had died in "A Week in April"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Charles come over in "The Flocks We Watch by Night"? What did he and White do?

2. When was "The Summer Catarrh" written? What did White write about his allergies in this essay?

3. When was "Report" written? What did this article entail?

4. Who did White write a letter to in "Walden"? Why?

5. What was White's transition to Maine like in the first articles of One Man's Meat? How is this reflected in his writing?

6. What can be noted about White's personality in reading his articles? What character traits did he exhibit?

7. What events did White describe in "A Week in April"?

8. Why was White inundated with children's books in "Children's Books"? What books did he mention?

9. When did "Hot Weather" take place? What imagery did White exhibit in the essay?

10. Where did White go in "Second World War"? What was his impression of the trip and his companion?

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