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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the end of "The Flocks We Watch by Night" White and his neighbor ended up at the neighbor's house doing what?
(a) Drinking beer.
(b) Mending fences.
(c) Smoking cigarettes.
(d) Sheering sheep.

2. What infirmity did the Boston terrier White had once owned have in "A Boston Terrier"?
(a) No bladder control.
(b) Missing one leg.
(c) Deaf in one ear.
(d) Blind in one eye.

3. To whom did White write an imaginary letter in "Walden"?
(a) Henry David Thoreau.
(b) Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin.
(c) Ralph Waldo Emerson.
(d) Eugene Gladstone O'Neill.

4. What Yiddish word did E. B. White use in "Removal" that means a person who jokes, chitchats, or makes wisecracks while others are trying to work or to discuss something seriously?
(a) Goy.
(b) Putz.
(c) Kibitzer.
(d) Chutzpah.

5. In "Hot Weather," White wrote of beaches with bathhouses that smelled like what?
(a) Sour towels.
(b) Garbage cans.
(c) Dead fish.
(d) Unwashed feet.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many New Hampshire Red pullets did White have in the henhouse in "Report"?

2. When was "Walden" written?

3. White wrote in "Walden" that he had often gone a mile out of his way to avoid a place of what interest?

4. What game sport did White describe in "Progress and Change"?

5. How much money had White calculated it cost him to maintain one turkey on his farm in "Security"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was White's transition to Maine like in the first articles of One Man's Meat? How is this reflected in his writing?

2. When did "Hot Weather" take place? What imagery did White exhibit in the essay?

3. What was White's impression of the World's Fair in "World of Tomorrow"?

4. How did White describe the difference in duties for the country teacher in "Education"?

5. What magazines did White discuss in the article "Farm Paper"?

6. What was the central conflict in "First World War"?

7. Describe White's use of imagery and other literary mechanisms. How did White provide humor in his articles?

8. Who did White see speak in "Camp Meeting"? What were his conclusions of the speech?

9. What foreshadowing can be seen in White's second section of articles in One Man's Meat?

10. What did White describe doing in "Removal"? What was White's difficulty in this transition?

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