One Man's Meat Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What did White describe doing in "Removal"? What was White's difficulty in this transition?

In "Removal" of 1938, E.B. White sold half his household possessions and moved his wife and son to their farm in Maine. White had mixed feelings as the items were sold off and remnants of his life were scattered. This was especially trying for White who loved order and was constantly straightening rugs and pictures hanging on walls in the new house.

2. When was "The Summer Catarrh" written? What did White write about his allergies in this essay?

It was July of 1938 and White told of the severity of the hay fever which he had in common with Daniel Webster, one of America's most eloquent politicians of the nineteenth century. White sympathized with Webster in their shared misery of the complications of nasal allergy problems and noted that the obstructions of an allergic system were powerful enough to prevent men's dreams from being fulfilled.

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