One Man's Meat Short Answer Test - Answer Key

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1. The first edition of One Man's Meat was published in what year?


2. In the second edition of One Man's Meat, the book was expanded to include writings of E. B. White's for which magazine?

Harper's Magazine.

3. Where did E. B. White move from to Maine?

New York.

4. Where in Maine did E. B. White live while writing One Man's Meat?

North Brooklin.

5. In what year was E. B. White's Forward to One Man's Meat written?


6. Three of the pieces in One Man's Meat were originally published in what magazine?

The New Yorker.

7. Where was E. B. White born?

Mt. Vernon, New York.

8. When was "Removal" written?

July, 1938.

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