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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Once More to the Lake, Fall, Memorandum, Coon Hunt and Intimations.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. White wrote in "A Shepherd's Life" that his goose would lay her what egg today?
(a) Seventh.
(b) Sixth.
(c) First.
(d) Fourth.

2. When was "Fall" written?
(a) October, 1941.
(b) September, 1941.
(c) August, 1940.
(d) November, 1940.

3. In the beginning of "A Shepherd's Life," White wrote "This is a day of 'high winds and _______ promises.
(a) Envious.
(b) Extravagant.
(c) Elegant.
(d) Empty.

4. To whom did White write an imaginary letter in "Walden"?
(a) Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin.
(b) Henry David Thoreau.
(c) Ralph Waldo Emerson.
(d) Eugene Gladstone O'Neill.

5. What infirmity did the Boston terrier White had once owned have in "A Boston Terrier"?
(a) Missing one leg.
(b) Blind in one eye.
(c) No bladder control.
(d) Deaf in one ear.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "Freedom," White berated those who are inclined to think positively about the results brought about by what?

2. How many young men did White say had gone into the service from his town in "Fall"?

3. What crop did White claim had done well there in "Fall" that year?

4. What magazine did White read to stay up to date on the cinema industry in "Movies"?

5. Where had White taken a trip in "Walden"?

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