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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Connie Rosolli suggest that Stephanie meet Ranger?

2. Who does the man who wants to speak with Stephanie on Stark Street in Chapter 7 manage?

3. Why does Stephanie visit Joe Morelli's mother, Mrs. Morelli, in Chapter 5?

4. What makes it clear that Jackie and Lula don't believe Stephanie's lie about her relationship with Joe Morelli?

5. When Joe Morelli learns the reason Stephanie has tracked him down, what does he do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What feelings does seeing Morelli again stir in Stephanie?

2. Why does Vincent Plum laugh when Stephanie asks him for an advance on the bounty for Morelli?

3. Is it realistic for Stephanie to think she can visit Stark Street and avoid Ramirez?

4. What does Stephanie learn about Kulesza when she questions potential witnesses at Carmen Sanchez's apartment building in Chapter 4?

5. Describe the Stark Street Gym.

6. What is Stephanie's financial situation as the book opens?

7. What does the vandalism of Stephanie's Nova on Stark Street symbolize?

8. Is Stephanie in real danger from Benito Ramirez, or is the danger primarily in her imagination?

9. What is Stephanie's history with Joe Morelli?

10. Explain Eddie Gazarra's version of what happened the night Ziggy Kulesza was shot.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Carmen Sanchez and Ziggy Kulesza never appear onstage in One for the Money, yet both are a vital part of the story. The missing witness, later identified as Louis, only appears onstage at the end of the book. Discuss the techniques the author uses to depict these three characters.

Essay Topic 2

Food and Stephanie's love for it is a continuing motif throughout One for the Money. Cite 3 examples of the use of this motif and discuss what it symbolizes in the story, what it reveals about the character of Stephanie, and how it helps establish one of the story's themes.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss what you think the major and minor themes in One for the Money are. Cite examples from the book to support your case.

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