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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Joe Morelli do with the keys to his Jeep?
(a) He tosses his keys into the restaurant's dumpster.
(b) He tosses them down a storm drain.
(c) He locks them in his Jeep.
(d) He takes them with him when he flees Stephanie again.

2. Who does Stephanie spot while visiting Sal Bocha's butcher shop?
(a) Benito Ramirez.
(b) Jimmy Alpha.
(c) A man fitting the description of the mystery witness.
(d) Carmen Sanchez.

3. In Chapter 9, who does Stephanie question on a street corner about Joe, Carmen, and Ramirez?
(a) Jimmy Alpha.
(b) Mooch Morelli.
(c) Connie Rosolli.
(d) Lula and Jackie.

4. Which of the following statements is NOT true about the incident at Carmen Sanchez's apartment building in Chapter 9?
(a) Stephanie finds a dead body in Carmen's apartment.
(b) The burned apartment's tenant was not hurt.
(c) A plan to eliminate the remaining witnesses to the Kulesza shooting is escalating.
(d) Witnesses saw a refrigeration truck behind the building.

5. Who do Joe Morelli and Stephanie determine is the only person who knows the truth about Ziggy Kulesza's murder?
(a) Jackie.
(b) Benito Ramirez, who may or may not talk.
(c) Vincent Plum.
(d) Lula.

Short Answer Questions

1. While the cops are still on the scene, who calls Stephanie to ask if she likes her "present"?

2. How does Stephanie respond to what Joe Morelli does with the keys to his Jeep?

3. Despite Joe Morelli's insistence that she stay behind, to where does Stephanie follow him in Chapter 13?

4. What happens to Jimmy Alpha after he attempts to kill Stephanie?

5. Which of the following statements does NOT describe the new FTA that Connie Rosolli assigns Stephanie in Chapter 12?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who triggers the alarm system on Morelli's Jeep in Chapter 12, and what happens when he tries to start the Jeep?

2. Explain the deal that Morelli proposes to Stephanie at the end of Chapter 10.

3. What arouses the curiosity of Morty Beyers when he visits Stephanie and makes him start asking Stephanie's neighbors if they've seen Morelli?

4. Why is Stephanie not afraid when she comes home to find Morelli in her apartment in Chapter 10?

5. Who does Stephanie blame for her sexual encounter with Morelli at Tasty Pastry when she is just 16?

6. Do you think Morelli wants to keep his relationship with Stephanie at the friendship level by the end of the book, or do you think he wants more than friendship?

7. Explain Stephanie's encounter with Lula in Chapter 10.

8. What is John Kuzak's importance in the Kulesza case?

9. Why does Stephanie suspect that Ramirez killed Sal and Louis?

10. Does Stephanie finally learn to use her gun by the end of the book?

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