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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following things is NOT something that Joe Morelli tells Stephanie he will do as soon as the case is over?
(a) Strangle Stephanie and be arrested for murder one if he stays in Trenton.
(b) Marry her.
(c) Move anywhere he won't have to deal with her.
(d) Move to Alaska.

2. Which of the following statements does NOT describe the new FTA that Connie Rosolli assigns Stephanie in Chapter 12?
(a) He is an exhibitionist.
(b) He lives in Stephanie's apartment building.
(c) He is 76 years old.
(d) He is an arsonist.

3. What does Joe Morelli do with the keys to his Jeep?
(a) He takes them with him when he flees Stephanie again.
(b) He tosses his keys into the restaurant's dumpster.
(c) He tosses them down a storm drain.
(d) He locks them in his Jeep.

4. What happens in Chapter 8 when Lonnie Dodd runs out the back door of his home to try to evade capture?
(a) He trips over his lawn mower and Stephanie captures him.
(b) A neighbor's dog attacks him.
(c) Ranger shoots him.
(d) Stephanie tackles him.

5. When the would-be thief starts the engine of Joe Morelli's Jeep, what happens?
(a) A gunshot pierces the night.
(b) It explodes in a bright yellow firebomb.
(c) A woman screams.
(d) It won't start.

6. What do the police do with the evidence they gather about Ramirez while at Stephanie's apartment in Chapter 10?
(a) They destroy it.
(b) They tell Stephanie it proves nothing.
(c) They accuse Stephanie of planting it.
(d) They take the answering machine tape and go in search of Ramirez.

7. In Chapter 12, what reason does Stephanie think someone might have for wanting her dead?
(a) One of her old boyfriends is insanely jealous of Morelli.
(b) One of Morelli's old girlfriends is insanely jealous.
(c) She is investigating the Ziggy Kulesza murder.
(d) She apprehended the wrong FTA.

8. Why is Stephanie horrified when Morelli apologizes?
(a) She thinks he's lying.
(b) She knows she's a lousy bounty hunter.
(c) She didn't know about the poem.
(d) She thinks she should apologize to him.

9. Where is Benito Ramirez at the end of the book?
(a) He is dead.
(b) He is in jail without bond.
(c) He has fled the country.
(d) He is in the hospital.

10. What happens to Jimmy Alpha after he attempts to kill Stephanie?
(a) He was taken to the hospital and then to jail.
(b) He killed himself to avoid jail.
(c) He escaped and is on the run.
(d) He died after Stephanie shot him.

11. Which of the following statements is NOT true about Stephanie's reaction to Benito Ramirez's initial phone call in Chapter 9?
(a) Stephanie records the phone call.
(b) Stephanie hangs up the phone.
(c) She refuses to answer when the phone keeps ringing.
(d) She eventually rips the phone jack out of the wall.

12. Why does Joe Morelli leave town until evening at the beginning of Chapter 12?
(a) He has to hide until he can pick up his newly painted van.
(b) He is pursuing a lead on the mystery witness.
(c) He is on the trail of Carmen Sanchez.
(d) He is pursuing Benito Ramirez.

13. While still at the gas station where she tries to contact Joe Morelli, what does Stephanie see?
(a) Her mother and grandmother.
(b) Carmen Sanchez's Toyota.
(c) A police squad car staking her out.
(d) Benito Ramirez's Porsche heading to and from the marina.

14. What does Stephanie find on her fire escape in Chapter 10?
(a) Joe Morelli.
(b) A dead dog.
(c) Carmen Sanchez's corpse.
(d) Lula naked, beaten, unconscious, & tied to the fire escape.

15. Upon arriving at Carmen Sanchez's apartment building, what does Stephanie notice?
(a) That the apartment of one of the witnesses was burned.
(b) That Carmen's door is wide open.
(c) That Carmen has returned home.
(d) That Mooch Morelli's car is in the parking lot.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Stephanie go to Stark Street for on Lula's behalf in Chapter 10?

2. What is in the back of the refrigeration truck in Chapter 13?

3. What noise wakes Stephanie up one morning and infuriates Joe Morelli in Chapter 11?

4. What kind of relationship does Joe Morelli ask Stephanie if they could have after all they've been through together?

5. When Stephanie hides out inside Joe Morelli's Jeep in front of the gym on Stark Street in Chapter 11, which of the following is NOT part of the theory she gives Jimmy Alpha about Carmen Sanchez and Ziggy Kulesza?

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