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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Stephanie do with the check Connie Rosolli gives her for capturing Lonnie Dodd?
(a) She repaints Morelli's Jeep to disguise it.
(b) She takes a small cut and insists that Ranger get the rest.
(c) She buys a new wardrobe.
(d) She buys a new car.

2. What factors help clear Joe Morelli in Chapter 14?
(a) Ramirez confessed.
(b) Stephanie's apartment was bugged and Alpha's confession was recorded.
(c) Louis testified that Alpha was the real killer.
(d) Sal confessed.

3. What does Joe Morelli bring to Stephanie's apartment in Chapter 14?
(a) An engagement ring.
(b) Beer and pizza.
(c) A pair of handcuffs.
(d) Roses.

4. Which of the following statements is NOT true about Stephanie's reaction to Benito Ramirez's initial phone call in Chapter 9?
(a) Stephanie hangs up the phone.
(b) She refuses to answer when the phone keeps ringing.
(c) She eventually rips the phone jack out of the wall.
(d) Stephanie records the phone call.

5. When Stephanie returns home after her trip to the shooting range, who does she find in her apartment?
(a) Joe Morelli.
(b) Jimmy Alpha.
(c) Benito Ramirez.
(d) Carmen Sanchez.

6. What does Stephanie do when she receives the call about her present?
(a) She thanks the giver for her gift.
(b) She threatens to get revenge against the caller.
(c) She puts her phone on speaker to record the call for the cops.
(d) She threatens to sue the caller.

7. When Stephanie cries, how does Morelli react?
(a) He calls her mother to come stay with her.
(b) He orders more pizza.
(c) He leaves her alone.
(d) He comforts her.

8. Why is Stephanie horrified when Morelli apologizes?
(a) She didn't know about the poem.
(b) She thinks he's lying.
(c) She thinks she should apologize to him.
(d) She knows she's a lousy bounty hunter.

9. Which of the following statements is NOT true about Joe Morelli's encounter with Stephanie in Chapter 8?
(a) Morelli tells Stephanie he just wants to be left alone.
(b) Morelli declares his love for Stephanie.
(c) Morelli takes off and once again eludes capture.
(d) Morelli tells Stephanie to stay away from him.

10. When Joe Morelli calls to announce he's coming to visit her, what does Stephanie tuck into the waistband of her shorts?
(a) Her .38 Special.
(b) A knife.
(c) Brass knuckles.
(d) Defense spray.

11. How does Stephanie feel about shooting Jimmy Alpha?
(a) She mourns the loss of Jimmy.
(b) She is proud of her skill with a gun.
(c) She regrets that she had to kill Jimmy.
(d) She wishes she could shoot Ramirez, too.

12. After turning Joe Morelli in, who does Stephanie find pointing a gun at her back at her apartment?
(a) Jimmy Alpha.
(b) Sal Bocha.
(c) Louis.
(d) Benito Ramirez.

13. While still at the gas station where she tries to contact Joe Morelli, what does Stephanie see?
(a) A police squad car staking her out.
(b) Carmen Sanchez's Toyota.
(c) Benito Ramirez's Porsche heading to and from the marina.
(d) Her mother and grandmother.

14. What does Stephanie do when she's shot in the rear end?
(a) Reach for the gun in her purse and shoot through her purse in self defense.
(b) Scream and summon a neighbor for assistance.
(c) Jump out a window to escape the shooter.
(d) Collapse to the ground, unconscious and bleeding.

15. How does Stephanie reach Joe Morelli to tell him about Louis in Chapter 13?
(a) She faxes him.
(b) She emails him.
(c) She stops at a gas station to call her own number and leave a message for him on her bugged answering machine.
(d) She dials his cell phone.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Jimmy Alpha tells Stephanie that he has spoken with Benito Ramirez and asks Stephanie to stay away from Stark Street for a while, how does Stephanie respond?

2. During Benito Ramirez's phone call to Stephanie in Chapter 9, what does the woman Ramirez puts on the line do?

3. Which of the following statements does NOT describe the new FTA that Connie Rosolli assigns Stephanie in Chapter 12?

4. What makes Morty Beyers start going door to door in Stephanie's neighborhood showing pictures of Joe Morelli and asking questions about the fugitive cop?

5. Where does Stephanie encounter Joe Morelli at the beginning of Chapter 8?

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