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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what does Joe Morelli apologize at the end of the book?
(a) Not turning himself in sooner.
(b) A poem he wrote on a wall about Stephanie Plum.
(c) Not keeping Stephanie Plum safe from Jimmy Alpha.
(d) Not taking Stephanie Plum's bounty hunting seriously.

2. Which of the following statements is NOT true about the deal Joe Morelli proposes to Stephanie at the end of Chapter 10?
(a) Stephanie can collect the bounty on him.
(b) Joe agrees to be apprehended.
(c) He offers Stephanie money to quit trying to apprehend him.
(d) If Stephanie helps find the mystery witness, Joe will protect her.

3. When Stephanie confronts Jimmy Alpha in Chapter 11 about Benito Ramirez, how does Alpha respond?
(a) He pulls a gun on her.
(b) He runs away from her.
(c) He cries.
(d) He defends Ramirez.

4. How does Stephanie reach Joe Morelli to tell him about Louis in Chapter 13?
(a) She dials his cell phone.
(b) She stops at a gas station to call her own number and leave a message for him on her bugged answering machine.
(c) She emails him.
(d) She faxes him.

5. What does Joe Morelli surmise has happened to Carmen Sanchez?
(a) He thinks she's dead.
(b) He thinks she's fled the country.
(c) He thinks she's hiding out in Trenton.
(d) He thinks she's being held prisoner by Benito Ramirez.

6. What does Stephanie suggest that Joe Morelli do once they make the gruesome discovery in the refrigeration truck in Chapter 13?
(a) Flee to Mexico.
(b) Turn himself in and let the police sort out who killed Kulesza.
(c) Flee to Canada.
(d) Go back into hiding.

7. What is in the back of the refrigeration truck in Chapter 13?
(a) The gun Kulesza was carrying when he shot Morelli.
(b) Heroin and the bodies of Sal, Louis, & Carmen.
(c) A briefcase filled with money.
(d) Carmen Sanchez, alive and well.

8. Why does Stephanie visit Jimmy Alpha in Chapter 9?
(a) To get his fingerprints.
(b) To report Ramirez's latest threats.
(c) To work out at his gym.
(d) To question him about Morelli.

9. What does Stephanie tell Joe Morelli about his Jeep when he asks about it at the beginning of Chapter 8?
(a) She has commandeered it.
(b) She wrecked it.
(c) It needs new tires.
(d) It's been stolen by Carmen Sanchez.

10. What does Ramirez claim that the item he sends to Stephanie will show her?
(a) What happened to Carmen Sanchez.
(b) Not to disrespect the champ.
(c) That she is hopeless as a bounty hunter.
(d) How much Ramirez loves her.

11. What does Stephanie find on her fire escape in Chapter 10?
(a) Lula naked, beaten, unconscious, & tied to the fire escape.
(b) Carmen Sanchez's corpse.
(c) A dead dog.
(d) Joe Morelli.

12. When Stephanie tells Jimmy Alpha at the end of Chapter 11 that she's going to the police, what does Alpha ask her to do?
(a) Wait a day because Ramirez has other assault charges.
(b) Turn in Ramirez before the boxer hurts someone else.
(c) Use a gym phone to dial 911.
(d) Rush to the police station in a taxi.

13. What does Joe Morelli do with the keys to his Jeep?
(a) He takes them with him when he flees Stephanie again.
(b) He tosses them down a storm drain.
(c) He tosses his keys into the restaurant's dumpster.
(d) He locks them in his Jeep.

14. What damages to Stephanie's appearance from her encounters with Benito Ramirez and the would-be Jeep thief concern Stephanie's mother and grandmother?
(a) A cut on her arm.
(b) A knot on her temple.
(c) A bullet wound.
(d) Facial bruises, singed hair and no eyebrows.

15. Who helps Stephanie retrieve her Nova that is parked on Route 1 in Chapter 12?
(a) Joe Morelli.
(b) Connie Rosolli.
(c) Vincent Plum.
(d) Her father, Frank Plum.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following statements is NOT true about the person Stephanie finds in her apartment?

2. Joe Morelli tells Stephanie that she will never catch him unless she does what?

3. What does Joe Morelli bring to Stephanie's apartment in Chapter 14?

4. When the car alarm in Joe Morelli's Jeep wakens Stephanie, who is trying to commandeer the vehicle that she has already commandeered?

5. How does Stephanie respond to what Joe Morelli does with the keys to his Jeep?

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