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Stephanie Plum's Apartment

This place is on the second floor of a nondescript red brick building located just outside the Burg section of Trenton. A hamster is one of the residents.

The Plum Home

This place is the residence of the protagonist's parents. It's one half of a duplex located in the center of the Burg, in Trenton.

Vincent Plum Bail Bonding Company

This place is the office where the heroine works as a bounty hunter.

Sal's Butcher Shop

This place is a front for a bookmaker.

Pino's Pizzeria

This place is a favorite spot for Trenton cops as well as the heroine.

Hamilton Avenue

This street is the main street that runs through Trenton.

Stark Street

This street is in the bad part of town and the location of many drug-related activities.

Stark Street Gym

This location is home to a heavyweight champion in the making. The...

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