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Cast a Movie Version of the Book

Imagine you're casting a movie version of One for the Money. Determine which actors and/or actresses you would cast in any six of the following roles: Stephanie Plum, Joe Morelli, Ranger, Grandma Mazur, Benito Ramirez, Jimmy Alpha, Lula, Lonnie Dodd, Connie Rosolli, Vincent Plum, Helen Plum, and Eddie Gazarra. Be prepared to present your cast and why you chose them to the rest of the class.

Design a Map of Stark Street

Make a map of Stark Street. Include the Stark Street Gym, Lula and Jackie's corner, and at least four other locations or businesses suggested by the book. You can make up your four additional locations, but they should be the kind of things you would expect to find on a dangerous thoroughfare like Stark Street. Be prepared to present your map to the rest of the class and...

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