One for the Money Character Descriptions

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Stephanie Plum

This character is a resident of Trenton, New Jersey - specifically a neighborhood known as The Burg. She is a 30-year-old divorcee who was married all of five minutes and has yet to find someone who is both strong and yet tolerant of her newly acquired job as a bounty hunter.

Joseph Morelli

This character is the attractive neighborhood bad boy turned vice cop.

Grandma Mazur

Obsessed with funerals, this character takes any opportunity to go to a viewing at the funeral home, where trouble always ensues.

Helen Plum

The answer to most things in this character's world is to cross herself in religious fashion and cook. If all else fails, there is a bottle of sherry stashed in the kitchen.

Frank Plum

This character is a retired postal worker who drives a cab part-time for extra money (and to get out of the house). He...

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