One False Move Short Essay - Answer Key

Harlan Coben
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1. What happens in the novel's prologue?

In the prologue, Myron waits at a cemetery. A man approaches and Myron asks if he has killed her. When the man says he has, Myron asks him if he is happy. The man replies with the same question.

2. How does Norm Zuckerman want Myron to help?

Myron reports to Norm Zuckerman, the CEO of Zoom. Norm is worried that Brenda Slaughter, the future star of the WPBA, is in danger and wants Myron to protect her.

3. What agreement do Slaughter and Myron come to in Chapter 1?

Slaughter is unwilling to have Myron act as a bodyguard, but Myron's honesty wins her over. She accepts Myron on the condition he leaves her alone if she requests and stays out of her business.

4. How does Myron know Brenda's father, Horace?

When Myron was younger, Horace Slaughter, Brenda's father, coached him on the neighborhood basketball courts. Myron says he was the only white boy that would venture into the area.

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