One False Move Character Descriptions

Harlan Coben
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Myron Bolitar

He is a former almost-pro basketball star who owns MB SportsReps. As a sports agent, he is contacted by Norm Zuckerman, the CEO of Zoom, a sports merchandising company.

Windsor Horne Lockwood III

He is an executive at Lock-Horne Industries, raised in a life of wealth and privilege. His youth lacked warmth and caring and as a result, he does not always behave.

Brenda Slaughter

Her life has always been full of turmoil. She believed that her mother had left her when she was five-years-old, and she had been raised by her father. Though he loved his daughter, their relationship does not seem to have been a close one.

Esperanza Diaz

Formerly a wrestler known as Little Pocahontas, she is now a law school graduate. She is bisexual, believing it does not matter what sex someone is as long as you care for them.

Jessica Culver

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