One False Move Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Harlan Coben
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Prologue: September 15, Chapters 1-5

• Myron waits at a cemetery. A man approaches and tells him he has killed her.

• Myron reports to Norm Zuckerman, the CEO of Zoom. Norm tells Myron he is worried about the safety of their future basketball star, Brenda Slaughter. He wants Myron to look after her.
• Brenda tells Myron her father Horace has gone missing and she has been receiving threats.

• Brenda describes her relationship with her parents. She says her mother is dead, but a man called her up to tell her to contact her. She was brought up by her father he has always been protective of her.

• Myron and Brenda visit Horace's apartment. It has been torn apart, but the half-empty clothes closet suggests Horace escaped unharmed.
• Myron drives to the loft he shares with his girlfriend Jessica. Over dinner, Jessica tells him she has to fly to LA to...

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