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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through “Glass of Water” – “Coloring and La-La”.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who has called Cecile the greediest, meanest person alive?
(a) Hirohito.
(b) Big Ma.
(c) Elizabeth.
(d) Pa.

2. What does Delphine note that Cecile wears in her hair in "Green Stucco House"?
(a) Dreadlocks.
(b) Pens and pencils.
(c) Hair clips.
(d) Ribbons and bows.

3. What does a local store deliver to the People's Center when Delphine and her sisters arrive in "Coloring and La-La"?
(a) Pepsis and pizzas.
(b) Potatoes and broth.
(c) Bread and orange juice.
(d) Bagels and milk.

4. How does one of the Black Panthers refer to the workers from the local store in "Coloring and La-La"?
(a) White pansies.
(b) Fat pigs.
(c) Selfish cretins.
(d) Racist dogs.

5. Who intervenes when the girl makes fun of Fern in class in "Coloring and La-La"?
(a) Sister Assata.
(b) Sister Mumbuku.
(c) Sister Pat.
(d) Sister Nzila.

Short Answer Questions

1. At what time do Delphine and her sisters return to their mother's home in "Crazy Mother Mountain"?

2. What are the students tasked with doing in class in "Coloring and La-La"?

3. What do the Gaither sisters want to use their father's money for in "Mean Lady Ming"?

4. Who wrote the novel Delphine?

5. Where is Darnell's uncle fighting in the military?

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