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When Delphine and her sisters arrive in Oakland, their mother demands the money that their father sent with them. The girls are upset because they had hoped the money could be used to go to this setting.

Miss Patty Cake

This is the name of the white baby doll that Fern carries with her everywhere she does.

Printing Press

This instrument is owned and used in the kitchen by Cecile.


These works are written by Cecile and deal largely with themes of freedom, independence, and equality.

Dead White Pig

This symbolic image appears on the t-shirts worn by Crazy Kelvin.


Hirohito owns this toy and finally convinces Delphine to try it out.


This is the restaurant where Delphine and her sisters are regularly sent to get takeout food.

Home-Cooked Meal

Delphine creates this for her younger sisters after they become ill from eating out...

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