One Crazy Summer Character Descriptions

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Delphine Gaither

This character is the protagonist and narrator of One Crazy Summer. At eleven years old, she is the eldest of three sisters. She is unerringly responsible and cares deeply for her younger sisters.

Cecile Johnson

This character is a mother to three daughters that she abandoned seven years ago. A peripheral member of the Black Panther movement who grudgingly donates her time, supplies, and services as a poet, artist, and printer, she is immensely selfish and self-interested.

Vonetta Gaither

This character is nine years old and enjoys the spotlight. Among her sisters, she becomes the most impressionable to Black Panther ideology.

Fern Gaither

This character is the youngest of her sisters at seven years old. She is adorable, sweet, and patient, and was only a newborn baby when her mother left.

Louis Gaither

This character is the father of the protagonist and her sisters. He is a...

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