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Torey Hayden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Torey worrying about with only three weeks of school left?
(a) Things that should have been done.
(b) How she will break the news to Chad that she is leaving.
(c) What she will do next year.
(d) How to say goodbye to her students.

2. What does Chad suggest they do to celebrate the win of Sheila's court case?
(a) Go out for pizza.
(b) Buy Sheila a dress.
(c) Give the family money for food and clothes.
(d) Go for ice cream.

3. Why doesn't Sheila's father visit her in the hospital?
(a) He has a phobia of hospitals.
(b) He was arrested for neglect.
(c) He is not allowed to visit her.
(d) He is always drunk.

4. What does Sheila say she will write if she is given a piece of paper?
(a) Something secret about herself.
(b) What happened in her past.
(c) A long story about her teacher.
(d) Anything Torey wants.

5. What happened to the ice cream that Torey brought for the class?
(a) It melts because the freezer broke.
(b) It was taken by the fifth grade class by mistake.
(c) Whitney drops it and it is ruined.
(d) The children destroy it during playtime.

6. What does Sheila's father buy her for the first time?
(a) Sun suit.
(b) Sneakers.
(c) Overalls.
(d) Dress.

7. What does Torey decide to do for her final big project for the school year?
(a) Proposal in sign language.
(b) Special end of the year celebration.
(c) Mother's Day program.
(d) Father's day program.

8. What did Sheila do to the rabbit waste?
(a) Fed it to Freddie.
(b) Stored it in her desk.
(c) Painted it.
(d) Threw it out.

9. What does Sheila's father acknowledge?
(a) That Torey is the best thing that ever happened to Sheila.
(b) He has a drinking problem.
(c) He needs help caring for Sheila.
(d) He is sorry about what happened to Sheila.

10. What two things does Torey suspect are linked for Sheila?
(a) She thinks Sheila's need for love and abandonment fear are linked.
(b) She thinks Sheila's fear of failure and abandonment are linked.
(c) She thinks Sheila's desire for revenge and refusal are linked.
(d) She thinks Sheila's speech and fear of failure are linked.

11. What does Sheila say to Torey that she wishes?
(a) That she had never burned the boy.
(b) That Torey and Chad were her parents.
(c) That her father had come with her.
(d) That she could have a dress.

12. How does Whitney's mother react to the situation about the rabbit waste?
(a) She becomes upset and berates Whitney.
(b) She tells Whitney she can no longer come back to the room.
(c) She is mortified and embarrassed.
(d) She blames Torey for exposing her daughter to such children.

13. At the hearing, what warms Torey's heart in regard to Sheila's father?
(a) He pleads with the judge on his behalf.
(b) He takes many steps to help Sheila.
(c) He is sober and wears an ill-fitting suit.
(d) He asks the boy's parents to forgive his child.

14. When does Sheila return to school?
(a) Beginning of June.
(b) End of April.
(c) May.
(d) She does not return for that school year.

15. Why does Peter need to go to a special classroom instead of a regular room?
(a) Seizures.
(b) Lack of appropriate social skills.
(c) Low academic skills.
(d) Violent tendencies.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of Torey's students is moving away?

2. What does Sheila do when she is told that she will not be able to go on the field trip with the class that afternoon?

3. What makes Sheila change her mind about going to the new school?

4. What do the other students tell Torey about when she comes in?

5. What does Sheila tell Torey when she asks for an explanation about her behavior?

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