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Torey Hayden
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Torey do to Shelia when it is time for lunch?
(a) She takes her to the office to wait until she will speak.
(b) She carries her to the cafeteria.
(c) She lets her sitting in the room alone.
(d) She holds out her hand and asks her to go with her.

2. What position did Torey have the previous year before Ed Somers contacted her about having a classroom of her own?
(a) Specialist.
(b) Inclusion teacher.
(c) Resource teacher.
(d) Speech teacher.

3. How does Ed get Shelia to the classroom on her first day?
(a) Walks her in nicely.
(b) Carries her.
(c) Drags her.
(d) Shoves her in the room.

4. Which of the following seems to be an accurate description of Sheila in chapter six?
(a) She seems psychopathic.
(b) She seems to be afraid of Torey.
(c) She is unteachable.
(d) She is eager to learn.

5. When is the only time that Shelia moves out of her chair within the classroom?
(a) When she hears a loud noise.
(b) When Torey calls her name.
(c) To go to the bathroom.
(d) When one of the students comes close to her.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Torey feel about accepting the position that Ed was offering her?

2. Why does it seem that Sheila is so worried about getting the wrong answers?

3. With which of the following statements would Torey disagree?

4. How does Torey make attempts to contact Sheila's father before she and Anton go to visit the migrant camp?

5. Which of the following is Torey's chosen profession?

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