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Torey Hayden
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose name appears on several of the Kobold's notes at the end of the day when Torey reads them?
(a) Anton.
(b) Sheila.
(c) Torey.
(d) Savannah Joy.

2. Which of the following terms might be used to best describe Whitney?
(a) Outcast.
(b) Patient.
(c) Enigma.
(d) Soft spoken.

3. Why does Sheila refuse to accept the gift that Torey gives to her?
(a) She is afraid it will be ruined at her home.
(b) She doesn't to show Torey how she feels.
(c) She does not like the present.
(d) She says her father will not let her keep them.

4. What present does Torey give to Sheila?
(a) Wash cloth and towels.
(b) Pencils.
(c) A magazine.
(d) Hair clips.

5. Which of the following characters does Shelia stab with a pencil?
(a) Anton.
(b) Whitney.
(c) Torey.
(d) Mr. Collins.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who brings Shelia to Torey's class the next day?

2. Which of the following is the best synonym for the term bond as it is used to describe the relationship between Torey and her students?

3. How did Torey feel about accepting the position that Ed was offering her?

4. Why does it seem that Sheila is so worried about getting the wrong answers?

5. What does Sheila do with the notes from the Kobold that Torey gives her?

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